Honestly, The Stupidity of ChainLinkers Is Breathtaking

Background Reading


So get this someone is curious about the presence and meaning of the sign appearing in the protected bike lane along Dearborn Street. Let’s take a look at the original posters entry:

Weird sign in the Dearborn PBL
Posted by Alex Z on May 14, 2013 at 9:01am

Anyone else notice some weird signs in the Dearborn PBL just south of Washington this morning? They say “Stop for Pedestrians” or something like that. They are sitting on the ground in the bike lane. I didn’t stop to investigate closely, but I don’t think there’s even a curb cut there? It struck me as a bit strange. It was right by the Blue Line entrance/exit (on the west side of Dearborn obviously).

Anyone know if this is a CDOT initiative?

Clueless In Portland Chicago

Bike Box Along Dearborn Street PBL

Bike Box Along Dearborn Street PBL

I really cannot bear to think how very clueless this group of folks really is. I’ve ridden the Dearborn Street PBL its entire length several times. In fact the first time I rode the thing I made the mistake of not making careful note of the presence of all its “Zebra Crosswalks“. I went back and took a few photos of several of them (see image at right).

With the one exception of the underpass to the Lake Street elevated train corner every one is using what is essentially an unrestricted pedestrian walkway. And yes cyclists have to “stop for pedestrians“. The very fact that this is even worthy of a forum entry is simply amazing. I should however point out that this is not endemic to Chicago alone. Urban Cyclists across the width and breadth of this great nation are simply clueless for the most part about their responsibilities to pedestrians in walks of this type.

In fact Jonathan Maus did a very nice piece on this very issue as it relates to the similar crosswalks appearing in the state of Oregon. It was in response to a comment he had read about a person who admitted to not giving way to pedestrians in the crosswalk out there.

Taking Our Own Medicine

Here in Chicago when a person rides a brakeless single speed bike and tries to avoid dooring by flinging that same bike to the left and gets hit by a pass trucks rear wheels we rush to form groups like Look! Chicago to teach those nasty motorists the Rules of the Road as well as get them on board with watching out for cyclists.

Cyclists must yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk.

Cyclists must yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk.

Someone needs to do the same for cyclists themselves. But I doubt very seriously that any such thing will happen from within the Urban Cycling Community. We are terribly remiss when it comes to self-education.