OPRT Ride : Mother’s Day 2013


Matteson EJ&E Railroad Display

Matteson EJ&E Railroad Display

We stopped at Centera Center for breakfast at the local Jamba Juice and Starbucks Coffee before heading south to Frankfort, IL. There was a Farmers Market going on today and the Beidert Village Green area was full of shoppers and folks just out having a bit of “me” time this Mother’s Day. We saw a few recumbent bicyclists but for the most part the riders on the trail were all aboard upright bikes of one variety or another.

Given that this was a family holiday it was surprising to see as many cyclists as we did. But there were also lots of families where Mom, Dad and the kids were walking along with the family dog in tow and just enjoying the brilliant sunshine and cool temperatures. There were even some duck families in Matteson out for a stroll along Cicero Avenue. One had three goslings in tow and went for a swim in the drainage pond. Further on we stopped and watched what seemed like dozens of swifts flying low over the marsh areas “dining on the wing”.

Crossing under the Metra station in Matteson, Connie spotted a second caboose that had been restored and placed in a prominent public setting. This one was under the town’s water tower. I rode over to grab a photograph and got more than I bargained for, my front tire went flat. I checked and it appeared to be a “pinch flat” no doubt collected a bit earlier when a hit a pothole in the pavement along the trail.

So Connie lent me her patch kit and pump and I began the tedious job of locating the hole and then sanding, gluing and patching it. Before long the pumping up of the inner tube could begin. We traded off about half way through. The Topeak Road Morph is a great pump but it does take a bit of time to get up to 100 psi. Its gauge is a godsend when you are trying to determine if you are nearly done.

We got the tire back on the rim and then it was a matter of fixing the clearance of the right brake pads. That took a short time and before long we were off and riding.

At Western we retraced our steps and made it back to Frankfort in time to use the bathrooms once more, stow the bikes and head out in search of a Chipotle for vegan tacos. Then it was over to Starbucks for one last cup of coffee before heading home.

Cyclometer Information

Distance: 19.3 miles
Time: 2h 11m 362