Some Cyclists Simply Cannot Be ‘Pleased’

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I hate tail-gating drivers.
Posted by peter moormann on May 7, 2013 at 11:29pm

As I mostly ride on streets without bike lanes,
I often experienced the feeling of somebody slowly driving right on my ass.
Then when I turn around they are doing just that.
I think:
“Come on you have plenty of room to get around, thank you for being so cautious and giving me the right of way, now go”.
I just don’t trust drivers that I cant see.
I just want them to pull past me and f-off.
In order to communicate to them that I think they are awesome and should move to the front of the line I usually point my index finger back toward them then swing my hand forward a couple of times in a friendly motion.
Usually …..doing this several times hoping they will f-off and pass me.
Is this crazy or are they just using me as an excuse to text and check their e-mail.
Does anybody have a good hand signal that says please F-off and go around me?

Sometimes a cyclist might not know when to count their blessings. Having a courteous and cautious driver riding behind you is the least of your worries. But if you feel that you cannot “trust drivers that you can’t see” you are going to have a very lousy ride home from anywhere. There will always be motorists who are overtaking you from the rear.

You might want to consider getting either a helmet or handlebar mirror. That way you can “keep an eye on those untrustworthy scoundrels to your rear“.

Putting The Shoe On The Other Foot

You might also wonder why if cyclists feel this way about motorists why they insist on racing around them (often on the other side of the double yellow line) to get in front of them? And most of the cyclists I have seen doing this do not pass with three feet to spare (even when the cars are moving). They ride inches from moving cars, buses and trucks.

Imagine what the bus drivers along the various roadways must think of cyclists who actually “hitch rides on them usually back by the rear wheel“. I have watched this practice along Clinton Street on many a day. And one wonders what would have if that fixed gear rider and his bike slipped and he rolled under the rear wheel. This happened of course a year or so ago on Wells Street (if I remember correctly). A girl was pulling this stunt and slipped and was crushed to death by the ruck she was hitching a ride on.

Cyclists need to stop trying to see the world as “revolving around them and their needs“. And yes the notions that you (peter moormann) are  expressing are just a tad bit irrational.

If all else fails, then pull over and let the driver pass. You can in fact simply race to the intersection and wait until the drivers pass you. The proceed on your merry way.

Problem solved.