The Wisdom of Mikael Colville-Andersen and Recumbents



Eric Vann It could also be said of women as CEOs, or Blacks as POTUS, or girls as mathematicians and physicists. Some things simply take time. Frown

John Riley Except no one is seriously trying to repress VC (or recumbents). It just is not catching on. (If the VC people now start blaming M C-A for their lack of success, that would confirm their sect status. Smile

Eric Vann Are you suggesting that anyone is trying to keep women out of the CEO positions or Blacks from being POTUS or GIrls from becoming mathematicians and physicists? Where is your proof? And for that matter where is your proof that no one is trying to sandbag Vehicular Cycling or Recumbents? Show me some proof! Tongue Out

Eric Vann While we are both on the subject of proof, does Colville-Andersen have any proof that helmets are actually being foisted on bicyclists by the helmet lobby? And furthermore does he have proof that being asked to wear a helmet signals danger in cycling any more than seeing a ghost bike parked on the side of the road? Innocent