Some of the ChainLink Pranks Are Not Funny

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Adolf Hitler, pictured in 1930, is believed to have first documented his anti-Semitic beliefs in the Gemlich letter, written in 1919 - Getty Images

Adolf Hitler, pictured in 1930, is believed to have first documented his anti-Semitic beliefs in the Gemlich letter, written in 1919 – Getty Images

Hitler was probably very good at playing mind games. At least one of the ChainLink Forum folks is either a direct descendant of the Fuhrer or certainly suffering from the same mental issues. Either way his attempts at being deceptive are really not that funny. And I wonder why he bothers taking a vehicle with this kind of potential and pissing away its intrinsic value?

You can do that sort of thing if you own an internet forum and hide behind someone else but divvy up your contributions to make them look as if they are coming from many people. Now what would your threads look like if you were of a mind to play all the parts yourself?

Let’s take a look:

Regretfully, I will be leaving The Chainlink
Posted by Douglas Iverson on May 5, 2013 at 12:14pm

After several abusive and vicious verbal attacks by ‘h’ and Notorious DUG and ‘h’ taking it upon himself to delete a topic and sensor my right to free speech I no longer have the desire to participate in this group for fear of more abuse. I have thought about this ever since my topic was deleted. I don’t need this in my life and we avoid that which is unpleasant. Had anyone else posted the same topics the responses would have been different. Thanks to the four of you who friended me. Lisa and John almost right away. This costs The Chainlink because I will no longer donate. I have asked Julie to cancel my membership affective May 7th to give people a chance to say goodbye or get their last shots in. I will not respond to any responses to this thread.

Reply by notoriousDUG 6 hours ago
I consider my part in you leaving to have been a public service.

Reply by Jim S 6 hours ago
Go in peace, good sir.

Reply by David P. 4 hours ago
I’m sorry you’re leaving (really), but your graf does have a certain I’m-taking-my-ball-and-going-home feel to it – drawing the boundaries of your martyrdom, describing how the Chainlink will lose, claiming violation of rights – and that’s seldom a good way to say goodbye to anyone. You are, like, apparently a lot of people, mistaken when it comes to ‘free speech’; this is a right that concerns proscriptions by the government(s) only – this is a public forum run by non-government individuals, and free speech are not relevant. If my memory serves me well, I have the impression you’re on the older end of the age spectrum here, which suggests you ought to have some resilience. This is, after all, only the internet. (sort of.) It’s a big tent here, and big enough for people who don’t get along to just hang out in different corners. Happy riding! 🙂

Reply by Zoetrope 4 hours ago

Reply by h’ 1.0 4 hours ago
Can anyone with a little time on their hands point me to a discussion in which I was less than civil to the OP? My perception is that i,d been trying to steer clear and largely succeeding.

Reply by Gabe 3 hours ago
Why even respond to this thread? Dude says he’s not responding anymore and is leaving. Farewell.

Reply by Ben Gray 2 hours ago
If this can be a teaching moment about the Bill of Rights, I’m all for it.

Reply by h’ 1.0 2 hours ago
If someone made bizarre and baseless public accusations against you, you wouldn’t respond?
Do I have the right Gabe here?

Reply by h’ 1.0 2 hours ago
I think this may be what he’s on about. Pretty sure everything I posted (and later deleted) is copied back by others.…

Reply by Gabe 2 hours ago
You wanna go over to his house and pee on his garage?

Reply by h’ 1.0 2 hours ago
OK, apparently I do have the right Gabe.
I wish Douglas only the best, including a pee-free garage.

Reply by S.Presley☠ 50 minutes ago
As a Moderator on another Ning network, we call this “Emo quitting”. I wrote a song about it for that site…

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Reply by Zoetrope 49 minutes ago
Hahaha. You got the goods, son.
We all look forward to seeing you under another screen name very shortly, Douglas.

Actually, he does not have to sign in under another name. He already has several and uses them on many occasions to endlessly argue with himself or to wield the might Excommunication Axe whenever he feels like it. One has to wonder why his “front man” is a her? But here in Chicago we always seem to be able to “gen up” businesses that attract lucrative government controls using our moms or sister or girlfriends to get “set aside contracts“. You gotta love this town.

I should think that eventually the word will get out that the 8,800 supposedly members is a bit like the Battle of Jericho. Joshua then had the Israelites march around the city to create the illusion of a larger force than really existed. It was a great “prank” then as it is now.

But There Is The Inevitable Attempt To Recover

Maybe he sometimes feels remorse? I think his only real emotion is a sensation of mild schizophrenia. At any rate the “recovery thread” has already begun:

The GIF thread
Posted by David P. on May 5, 2013 at 8:17pm

The stupid-argument factor has seemed to me to be a bit higher than it should be lately, so I thought I’d start a corrective thread. Post your humorous/unexpected/whatever GIFs here. About to hit ‘send’ on a snipe at someone else? Post a GIF instead!

News Flash: There are far better ways to increase your readership than pulling stunts that a brutal and silly simultaneously. Why not simply get some professional help or stay away from the site long enough to let things right themselves amongst the 300 or so “real” members. It was never necessary to inflate the membership ranks. But I guess you simply could not resist.