Cinco de Mayo Centennial Trail Ride


Isle Au Cache Museum Encampment - Cinco de Mayo 2013

Isle Au Cache Museum Encampment – Cinco de Mayo 2013

Compared to the previous days of this week today was a gem! We started the ride at the Isle Ala Cache Museum in Romeoville, IL. A re-enactment of the early settlers and traders was set up as we entered the parking lot. Connie grabbed some shots of the whole thing.

Then it was off to the crossing a bit east of the museum where we began the ride in earnest. This is a fascinating swing bridge that signals the trail head location. And all along the way we saw hundreds if not thousands of the cement dividers installed to keep the river from crossing over the trail and washing out more of the land just to its south.

By the time we reached the Willow Springs Road entrance to Columbia Woods it was getting on towards 2 hours of total travel time. There was a fairly stiff headwind from the east. And of course the trip back was a breeze (by comparison) with a full fledged tailwind to assist.

Back at the museum it was great to stow the bikes and head into the city to Native Foods Cafe. There was a very neat Cinco de Mayo offering on the menu and as it turned out it was great!

Then it was north to Roscoe Village for Starbucks Coffee and a quick ride home to unpack the bikes and write this report. Enjoy the images from the day.

Cyclometer Information

Distance: 26.2 miles
Time: 2h 50m 06s