When Scofflaws Ride In Your Community As A Group


The Western Suburbs of Chicago are for the most part quiet and sleepy.

Scofflaw Cyclist – Arrogance and Immunity
Published on Apr 7, 2012

Many cyclist ride with arrogance and immunity like Chris Bucchere of the Mission Cycling Club and have no regard for traffic laws, signs, people or cars. When they get hit they whine about the driver of the car and don’t take responability for their own actions. When they kill someone they get away with it …

Part of the reason cyclists feel “immune” to any actions by motorists is because the situation is “lopsided“. Unlike motorists who have license plates posted in full view, cyclists are essentially “anonymous“. This is not unlike being on the internet in a forum where you are allowed to use a “pseudonym or handle“.

What would go a very long way to helping level the playing field is for cyclists to be properly identified and licensed. For anyone of driving age this would mean that failing to operate your bicycle in a lawful manner could mean that your drivers licenses privileges might be in jeopardy. Getting a ticket while riding your bicycle should also effect your insurance premiums in much the same manner as would scofflaw behavior being the wheel of your car.

The Rights and Duties of Cyclists – Bicycle Safety
Uploaded on Mar 30, 2008

League of American Bicyclists certified traffic cycling instructors demonstrate the rights and duties of cyclists in the United States. The video shows cyclists acting as drivers of vehicles making normal vehicular maneuvers including lane control, lane sharing, left and right turns, through movements and a freeway ramp crossing. This video is intended to show cyclists and motorists how it looks when cyclists act and are treated as vehicle drivers in normal urban traffic in the City of Long Beach, California. We used mirrors to scan for traffic so the video would not be jumpy from frequent head turns. These traffic cycling skills are taught by the League of American Bicyclists, Smart Cycling program, as well as the Cycling Savvy program. You can find LAB instructors and classes in your state at the education area of the League website:
Or check out the Cycling Savvy website: