Northerly Island Visit Ride


Promintory Pointe Sculpture

Promintory Pointe Sculpture

What a difference a week makes. Last Sunday we were drying out the basement following the rains earlier in the week. Today was sunny at times but cool along the Chicago Lakefront Trail. We parked at La Rabida Children’s Hospital and rode down to the South Shore Cultural Center. As we were standing outside the building the fog started rolling in. You could see it move in and in fact one of the ladies manning the registration booth for the golf club noticed it and remarked about it. And with the incoming fog the temperatures plummeted from moderate to chilly in a heartbeat.


The other attendant had come out to chat about our recumbent bikes. She was in fact the third black female to ask about them. A bit earlier two ladies had come over (before entering for the brunch) and inquired about the bikes. I gave them as much information as possible. As it turned out we answered questions at just about every stop we made. And some were asked while we were traveling. Black females love these bikes!

We had driven in via 79th Street and in Burbank we spotted a sign stretched across the roadway showing solidarity with Boston.

After leaving the Cultural Center we headed north to Northerly Island Terminal. The bulldozers have taken over just about every square inch of the north portion of the island. The very southern end is still there but will be torn up and renovated before long. At the Terminal we again got questions about the bikes. Two black female attendants wanted to know more about them and one came outside to ask for the URL to the website of Easy Racers.

Even more to the point one of visitors (one of two middle-aged sisters) came over and also asked the very same questions about the bikes. I answered as much as I could and she diligently wrote it all down. Again, if I were a bike shop owner I would have a concession along the Chicago Lakefront Trail to rent out the EZ-1 bike sold by Easy Racers. It is easy to ride and rugged enough to take the abuse that rentals receive.

On our way back to the van, we stopped at Promintory Pointe and captured images of the new sculpture available. Once again black females asked about the bike. Only this time they were teenagers. They wanted to know if these bikes could be rented. All day long only one black male asked about the bikes. He was definitely interested in them.

And when we passed the skateboard park along the trail I got a big thumbs up from a black male inside. He clearly liked the looks of the bikes. The ladies were far more interested in how comfortable the bikes were and how difficult they were to handle.

Back at the van we packed up the bikes and headed out for a bit of luncheon before heading home.

Cyclometer Information

Distance: 18.1 miles
Time: 2h 09m 21s