Deluge Weekend Toodle 2013


Willis Tower Bike Display

Willis Tower Bike Display

I should hope that we do not have another weekend of rain like that we just experienced for quite some time. Trying to navigate the streets this past Thursday and even Friday was difficult. There were blocked sites everywhere and the traffic on Thursday was at a crawl for most of the day. It was far quicker and safer to get around by train than automobile for certain.

I dropped Connie off at her office and made my way back to UIC Campus to unload the bike and set out on a tour of the Lakefront Trail. I got as far south as about 45th Street or so before turning around. The wind from the south was fairly strong along the lakefront and I really wanted to avoid taxing my knees more than necessary.

Heading back north was a breeze. No perceptible wind and the pedaling was much easier. Decided to end the ride a bit earlier than I had planned and returned to the van and packed up before heading over to pick up Connie from her weekend of work.

Cyclometer Info

Distance: 15.4 miles
Time: 1h 59m 10s