Urban Cyclists Can Dish But Cannot Take Insults…Why?

Background Reading


I had to smile when I read the following:

AAA_2487288b-300x187In a recent article in the Washington City Paper, AAA Mid-Atlantic spokesman John Townsend attacks David Alpert, founder of Greater Greater Washington, in unbelievable fashion. Network blog Beyond DC has this report:

AAA’s official company spokesman John Townsend says GGW’s David Alpert is a “nerd,” a “ninny,” is “developmentally retarded,” and is “like the Klan.”

If AAA thinks it’s good business practice for its spokespeople to make offensive personal attacks, then AAA isn’t a company I will ever have anything to do with. I don’t currently own a car, but someday I probably will. AAA won’t be my insurance partner when that day comes.

And in the mean time, if this is how AAA thinks and represents itself, guess how seriously I take their positions on transportation issues.

Will AAA stand behind Townsend and his childish behavior?

Good for John Townsend! Every day I rant and rave about the vicious verbal attacks leveled against motorists, pedestrians and suburban cyclists by Urban Cycling Bigots. I dislike the tone of the conversation on forums like the ChainLink. I have personally read the following kinds of verbal assaults from ChainLinkers:

  • One ChainLinker decided that perhaps the best way to deal with pedestrians or other cyclists that he felt cluttered the bike lane was to configure a lance with a Taser on the end.
  • Yet another ChainLinker decided it made sense to brush past a fellow cyclist to startle them while riding at a pace he did not like in the bike lane.
  • Everything from thinking that all cars should be shoved into giant sink holes and covered up have been suggested.
  • Some decided that a motorist exiting their vehicle and not paying enough attention to their presence should have their drivers side mirror removed and suggested that he had in fact done that.
  • I could go on…

What the weasels at StreetsBlog will not do is “stare down their own kind“. They want to act indignant when someone gives as good as they do and replace the injured party. Sorry but as a cyclist I am more than “sick and tired” of the “whining” from this more than vapid community. I suggest that anyone who dislike the kinds of openly hostile language delivered on a nearly weekly basis by ChainLink members use the StreetsBlog article as a “teachable moment“.

You simply cannot go through life dumping on everyone else and suddenly decide that when it happens to you, that you are offended. Karma is a bitch!

We Cyclists Need To Grow A Pair

Urban Cyclists love to whine! I suspect they have a gene for this very purpose. I am currently working with the AAA to map the “asshole genome” that undoubtedly is part of their makeup. Fortunately the ChainLink provides clearly visible evidence of this genetic defect. But what is truly disheartening is the kind of pandering done by StreetsBlog to this foolishness.

The cater to the “I’m so special” mentality of Urban Cyclists like Randy Cohen by making videos in which he spouts obvious distortions of how cyclists should think so that it makes their misbehavior seem righteous. Meanwhile Cohen decides that he has the right to snarl and criticize foreign born cyclists who (taught no doubt as children the very rules of cycling etiquette the US exported) ride “against traffic“. The very insulting arrogance of this sort of thing is what people of color around the world object to in white American attitudes. And I lump the response of Ms. Schmitt in this category.

How dare someone from the AAA hand out the same sorts of disrespect to a cyclist that is so very common on the ChainLink! I will stop dead in my tracks when I read that during her daily perusal of that sorry piece of social networking she decides that what is written there is unworthy of cyclists in general and writes a piece to that effect.

Until then she can kiss my saddle mount.