Tax and Masters Weekend Toodle 2013


Chicago Art Museum Lions

Chicago Art Museum Lions

You can never really trust the weatherpersons and I should know that. By the Lake today it was supposed to reach near the mid to high 60s but the real temperatures were a lot lower, especially in the shade of the tall buildings along the streets of the Loop. By the time we reached the Chicago Lakefront Trail my knees were beginning to stiffen to the point that it was time for me to turn around.

The original plan had been to do the entire lakefront and then it became just the northern end. But when my knee joints stop lubricating then I have to turn around and it was either head off to Native Foods Cafe and then afterwards chance riding home in cold temperatures too or to head back to the van. We chose the latter.

After stowing the bikes and waiting for a very long time as car after car of church goers from the New Life Festival paid their fees, we headed up to Native Foods Cafe and ate a late luncheon. Connie tried the new avocado wrap and I even got a bite of it. Not bad, but I was enjoying my Chimi-Chop salad so everyone was happy.

On the way home we stopped for coffee and then made our way west along Belmont to reach the suburbs just north of Elmhurst. Not a bad day all things considered.

Cyclometer Information

Distance: 8.0 miles
Time: 1h 11m 58s