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Gary Fisher and Chris Kegel

Gary Fisher and Chris Kegel


Seminar Program

Join us for the second year of offering fun and informative seminars. We’re adding new seminars often so check back periodically. Here’s a sneak peak at a few of the speakers and their topics.

Time and dates listed are subject to change.

garyfisher_0The Past, Present and Future of the Bicycle

Gary Fisher, Mountain Bike Pioneer and Generally Good Guy

Gary Fisher will be in attendence at this year’s Bike Expo. Catch him before or after his presentation and I’ll bet he’ll even autograph your new bike. Thursday at 7 pm, Friday at 4 pm and 7 pm

J Gurda photo large_0Moving Milwaukee: 175 Years of Transportation History

John Gurda, Historian and Author

Meet John will be available before and after his presentation on Saturday at 12 pm.

bruno_0PeopleForBikes.org – A Movement for Bicycling

Bruno Maier, Sr. Vice-President of the Bikes Belong Coalition and Bikes Belong Foundation.

Bruno will be speaking on Thursday at 6 pm and Friday at 4 pm.

davidspiegelberg_0Resources for Learning About Wisconsin’s Abundant Biking Opportunities

David Spiegelberg, Regional Tourism Specialist at Wisconsin’s Department of Tourism

David will highlight different ways to learn about the state’s many biking opportunities. He will focus on TravelWisconsin.com, tourism partner resources and other state agency resources as well as Wisconsin-based biking organizations.  Everyone is welcome. Be sure to attend this session to learn about the family friendly destinations and activities Wisconsin has to offer.

David will be speaking on Friday at 6 pm

Tom's original cropped_0_0_0“Nordic  Fit”: The VO2 max fitness training …and total body tuning secret

Tom Rutlin, CEO and Founder, Exerstrider Products Inc.

Of the 11 highest verified  VO2 max scores ever registered*, 6 were by Nordic skiers,  4 by cyclists and just 1 by a runner.  8 of the 11 athletes were from Nordic countries!  So, what is the “Nordic Fit” secret?  How can a year round version of this training secret benefit anyone seeking to maximize athletic performance, as well as those just seeking to “tune” their body for optimal health.  Get the straight dope on the “law of oxygen demand and supply”.

* Of the 8 top scores ever recorded by women, 4 were Nordic skiers, 3 were runners and 1 was a cyclist

Tom will be speaking at Saturday at 1 pm.

ryangiuliano_0Sports Nutrition for the Endurance Athlete

Ryan Giuliano, PowerBar Nutritional Tech Rep

In this interactive discussion, Ryan will talk about the benefits of proper nutrition in endurance events.  He will focus on the aspects of before, during, and after and what to look for in the foods that you are taking in.  This talk can benefit any type of endurance athlete whether it is running, cycling, swimming, or triathlons.  There will be a time to ask questions during the presentation.

Ryan will be speaking on Thursday at 7 pm and Saturday at 5 pm.

BobHanisch_0Creating a Triathlon Training Plan for the Beginner Triathlete

Bob Hanisch MA, CDE, CSCS, Owner of P3 – Peak Performance Professionals, LLC

Bob will be speaking on Thursday at 6 pm and Saturday at 12 pm.

jeffhudzinski_0_0Three Times the Fun – Recumbent Trikes

Jeff Hudzinski, Recumbent Guru at Wheel & Sprocket Hales Corners

Greg Earle, J&B Imports

Recumbent trikes are becoming increasingly more popular over the past several years.  The completions of city and interurban trails have a lot to do with this phenomenon. You never have to put your feet down when stopping for scenery, stop signs or to chat with a familiar passer-by. You are always ready to start with no concern for balance throughout your journey!  Bikes Presented: Delta above and below seat steering trikes, Tadpole Trikes.

Jeff and Greg will be speaking on Saturday at 10 am.

jeffhudzinski_0_0The World of Comfort Cycling – Recumbents

Who says you can’t burn calories, enjoy the scenery, see traffic around you easier, ride farther and when you are finished still have that smile on your face.  A new expression comes to mind when riding recumbent bikes: “All Gain with No Pain”.  This translates to the absence of pressure points on both hands, bearing weight over the handle bars and no longer with seat back support having road shock radiation up the arms into shoulders and neck creating discomfort. And don’t forget the seat AHHH!   Bikes to be Presented: Short wheel base, Compact long wheel base, Long wheel base

Jeff, Greg Earle, J&B Imports; Mark Colitin, Bacchetta Recumbents will be speaking on Friday and Sunday at 12 pm.

torioman_0Tri 101 for Women

Tori Oman, Owner of Moxie Fitness LLC, Certified USA Triathlon Coach, USA Cycling Coach

Are you thinking about or interested in doing their first triathlon or have you done a few triathlons but would like to improve your performance? This Tri 101 for Women Training Clinic will provide attendees with tips and how- to’s on TRAINING as well as a general overview of race weekend as you prepare for your triathlon. This is a great way to learn some basics about triathlon and the gear that you will need, in addition to giving some time saving tips!!

Self-Contained Bicycling – What Is It? 

Mark Steckhahn and Harriet Pfersch

Self-contained bicycling is a combination of carrying your own gear on your bike, going from place to place, and camping along the way. It’s a bikecation on wheels!  At the Wheel & Sprocket Bike Expo, you’ll have a chance to learn about self-contained biking from a couple that has been doing it all over the world, over the last twenty years.  Mark and Harriet will talk about what it takes to do self-contained bicycling, along with the nuts and bolts about the equipment you need to self-contain.  Their travels have taken them to New Zealand, Europe, and across the United States on bike.  They’ll share some of their expertise, experience, and memorable stories in their seminar.  No doubt about it, you’ll be hooked just as they are after you hear about the fun of self-contained bicycling.

Mark and Harriet will be speaking on Saturday at 1 pm.

danajohnson_0Traveling Safely

Dana Johnson, Open Leaf Excursions

Have you ever wanted to travel somewhere exotic but thought it wiser because of safety concerns?  Have you ever found yourself holed up in a hotel room because you don’t trust that you can safely navigate across an unknown area?  Have you never traveled alone because of worries that you’ll be robbed, kidnapped or worse?

Dana Johnson of Open Leaf Excursions can help alleviate some of those fears through education.  Through a light and lively look at her own trials and errors, she will help you navigate public transportation in foreign lands, safely manage your passport and valuables and make smart safe decisions in unknown areas.  You will leave armed with information that will help you become the savvy traveler you wish to be.

danajohnson_0The Road Less Traveled 

Dana Johnson, Open Leaf Excursions

Did you know that tourism is the life blood for most countries outside of the USA?  Did you know that only 4% of profits stay within a country when you travel to an all-inclusive resort and 70% of profits stay if you travel around staying in boutique hotels etc… Dana Johnson, Head Adventure Concierge at Open Leaf Excursions LLC, travels around the world and sees the people and the places off the beaten path.  Join her for a presentation about some of her recent travels to Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico, Honduras and the Western USA.  She’s bound to get you excited to travel a bit out of your comfort zone for the good of the world.

RJKinderman_1Tailwinds Across America

Robert J Kinderman, Author

Bob will be sharing his story of two adventures. The first took place in 1981, when he and his wife (friend at the time) Denise, crossed the United States on bicycles. The second began in May, 2011 when he first pushed a pen across paper and began writing Tailwinds Across America.

You can purchase your own copy of Tailwinds Across America at Bike Expo for $20. Wheel & Sprocket will donate $3 to the WI Bike Fed for every book sold.

TomLabisch_0Managing Common Over-Use Injuries in Triathlon

Tom Labisch, Doctor of Physical Therapy, will present ways to manage the most common over-use injuries seen in Triathletes, including plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, IT Band syndrome and shoulder tendinitis.

TomLabisch_0Running & Walking Shoe Selection

Have you ever wondered which shoe is best for you?  Tom Labisch, Doctor of Physical Therapy from InStep Physical Therapy & Running Center will discuss the basic biomechanics of walking and running and how to select proper footwear.

Powerbarheadshot_110x150Tri Basics – train for your first triathlon

Learn the basic training involved to get you to the start and to the finish line of your first triathlon.  Coach and elite triathlete Lauren Jensen, PT will provide you with the basics of what you need to know to be prepared for a sprint distance triathlon.

Powerbarheadshot_110x150Tri Faster® Racing Tips

Learn the training and racing tips to make 2013 your best season ever.   Coach and elite triathlete Lauren Jensen, PT will teach you how to make the most out of your precious training time.

Bike Wisconsin® and Beyond …

Eric & Kathy Schramm, Owners of Bike Wisconsin®

Come along with Eric and Kathy on an adventure aboard your bike. Explore the unique sites and quiet back roads of Wisconsin, and get a taste of great biking in France and Hawaii. Eric and Kathy will discuss trips for people of all ages and abilities.

Eric and Kathy will be speaking on Friday at 4 pm.