St. Patrick’s Day Toodle 2013

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Connie Bundled Against The Cold

Connie Bundled Against The Cold

The weather today was at least 40 degrees cooler than a year ago this date! Today we began the ride in temperatures near 30 degrees and by the time the sun poked its head out it was well above freezing. The snow piles were rapidly melting. We say sand hill cranes overhead in several groups. In addition there were robins flitting about in the AMLI apartments area, another sure sign that spring is close at hand.

Our ride took us over to the College of DuPage Campus where we got a chance to see the newer buildings being finished and then to tour the nearby neighborhoods before heading in towards Danada Square Shopping Center for a potty break.

(Note: I tried to capture the sounds of the Sand Hill Cranes passing overhead but their honking was drowned out by passing cars. And to make matters worse the lens on the camera at the time was the wide angle lens. Yuck! But take heart, Spring is almost here!

The Cabela’s medium weight thermal underwear worked rather well. The design is a bit different than the silk weight version in that it wicks away the moisture far more effectively. But nothing seems to work well when trying to find a warm pair of gloves that are thin enough to allow you to manipulate the dials on a smallish camera while avoiding frostbite.

Nevertheless I got in a few images before deciding to wait until Spring has further sprung.

Cyclometer Information

Distance: 10.3 miles
Time: 1h 27m 10s