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Menomonee River Mountain Bike Trails in Wauwatosa

Menomonee River Mountain Bike Trails in Wauwatosa

From the hundreds of miles of singletrack through verdant Northwoods forests to technical trails that will challenge riders of any ability, Wisconsin is blessed with some great mountain bike trails. Even residents of Milwaukee can find an urban escape route a short bike ride from their doorsteps on the mtb trails near Crystal Ridge Ski Hill and along the Menomonee River. No matter where your skill level or where you want to ride, the Bike Fed can help you find a trail near you right for your abilities.

As of March 1st, 2012, the Wisconsin Off-Road Bicycling Association (WORBA) and the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin (Bike Fed) began an alliance that brought WORBA into the Bike Fed as a program dedicated to advancing the interests of mountain bikers throughout the state.  WORBA will wind down its operations as a standalone entity by the end of September, 2012, and all WORBA members will enjoy full benefits of membership in the Bike Fed.

In addition, the Bike Fed and the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA), have also agreed to a membership sharing arrangement that will strengthen mountain biking interests across the state.  As a result, mountain biking will become a formal program at the Bike Fed.

Bike Fed staffer Dave Schlabowske will manage the mountain biking program with the help of WORBA leaders, including Harold Schmidt, Marty Weigel and John Siegert.

IMBA and the Bike Fed have formed a unique partnership here in Wisconsin, designed to significantly enhance mountain bike opportunities across the state. Beginning March 1st 22nd, 2012 at the same time that all IMBA and WORBA members in Wisconsin automatically began to share a joint membership in the Bike Fed, the Bike Fed expanded its statewide advocacy efforts by taking a more active role on mountain bike issues. Bike Fed staff and members are working with Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, other state agencies and local mountain biking organizations.

The new partnership allows the Bike Fed to leverage IMBA’s knowledge of sustainable trails and best practices for mountain bike management, WORBA’s success at building productive relationships with public land managers across the state and our influence in the state capitol and respected leadership across the state. Everyone involved in this partnership, the WDNR, WORBA, local mtb chapters, agree this has the potential to accelerate the changes that Wisconsin mountain bikers have been working on for years.

The Bike Fed and state mountain biking leaders will help promote IMBA’s Chapter Program to local mountain bike clubs. IMBA’s Chapter Program is growing in Wisconsin because it allows locals to focus on high-value activities like advocacy and trailbuilding while leaving the administrative nuts and bolts of organizational development to the dedicated staff at IMBA.  By becoming an IMBA Chapter, you have more time to ride, build and maintain mountain bike trails because IMBA will lend administrative support with memberships and renewals and help maintain or achieve tax-exempt 501(c) (3) status. Several Wisconsin clubs have already engaged with IMBA’s Chapter Program, including The Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Associaton (CAMBA), Dane County’s Capital Off-Road Pathfinders (CORP), and Milwaukee’s Metro Mountain Bikers.

To directly support the mountain biking program, the Bike Fed is developing a new rider oriented website that will launch this summer. The current Bike Fed organizational website will continue to exist, and the new site will be directed to the larger audience of people who just want information about riding. Among many other new features for people interested in riding in Wisconsin, the site will include an interactive map of the state that includes all mtb trailhead locations. The site will be designed to evolve and allow users to add photos/videos, trail reviews, and new trail gpx tracks.

In the meantime, we have included some links to mtb trails, clubs, races and resources below.  If you have any questions about mountain biking in Wisconsin, do not hesitate to contact either the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin’s Milwaukee office, or the regional IMBA office.

  • MTB trail map locations provides a great interactive map of mountain biking trails in Wisconsin
  • IMBA International Mountain Bike Association
  • WDNR Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources lists many of the state off-road and constructed mtb trails on their website.
  • Rays Indoor Mountain Bike Park – When old man winter has you house bound but jonesing to shred, test your skills at Rays Indoor Mountain Bike Park on Milwaukee’s north side.

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