Modified Bicycle Filters Beijing Air

By Tamara Kisha Tan, 02 Feb 2013

Source: Design Taxi

Bicycle As Air Filtration System

Bicycle As Air Filtration System

Beijing-based artist Matt Hope is taking Beijing’s huge problem of polluted air into his own hands.

Not content to sit at home wearing a mask like the local government advises, the UK native has created a modified bicycle that actively filters air that is around it.

The ‘breathing bike’ runs on electricity that is created from the pedaling motion of the cyclist.

The electric current produced then powers a wind generator. This creates a suction effect, causing the air around the bike to go into a trashcan. Here, the dust particles get charged and in turn stick to the surrounding metal.

Despite the good intentions behind the creation, the bicycle currently generates about 5000 volts of electricity—which is more than enough to kill the rider, should anything go wrong.

To find out more about Hope’s invention, do watch the video below:

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