You Cannot Be Serious, Right?

Background Reading


I guess the ChainLink crowd has graduated to vandalism now:

Reply by notoriousDUG 5 hours ago
I made a connection with a woman who almost doored me while she was talking on her phone. She told me I need to pay attention and look out for doors, called me a crazy person and walked off without ever halting her phone conversation.
She is going to have a missed connection with her drivers side mirror when she gets back to her car; I decided to take it because she obviously wasn’t using it.

Is not this the same sort of “over the top” action discussed in a previous thread? Some day someone is going to regret this sort of silliness. It makes it increasingly difficult for non-cyclists to take anything a ChainLinker says seriously.

This sort of stunt “pairs” well with the “robbery” the other morning. The only real difference is that the young thug had the “balls” to confront his target and take it while facing her. No sleight-of-hand, just in your face and I dare you to say anything. But of course the more sophisticated ChainLink crowd does their “dirty deeds” after the person has walked away and then stupidly reports it to the rest of the ChainLink Forum.

Of course I am doubtful that anyone on the ChainLink Forum will see the similarities in these two incidents and certainly given their innate racism will be unable to see that the more “honest” of the two was the African-American youth. Instead they will nod to themselves in their smug racist manner and decide that she is the one who was acting in an anti-cycling manner and deserved what she got.

I guess no one else who is not a ChainLink Forum person will be able to read this thread so what could possibly come back to bite him in the butt? Sheesh!

Please don’t ever let me read another mealy-mouthed testimonial as to how wonderful and inviting this group really is. It is indeed a cesspool of the very worst kind.

Follow-up Reflection

Per usual nothing that I saw indicated any reaction to notoriousDUGs thread entry the other day (see above). This is typical behavior for the ChainLink crowd. They love to bitch and moan about thefts to their vehicles however:

Handlebar thief you suck!
Posted by Amber K on February 14, 2013 at 5:08pm

My handlebar was just stolen off my bike, maybe 30 minutes ago, in front of Cermak on North ave. Just letting you guys know to beware if your in the area.

Somehow they never seem to get the similarity between stealing someone’s driver side mirror and stealing a handlebar. Why is that? I guess they have a different rule that they apply to things they do versus someone else?

The crazy thing though is that the person stealing handlebars is probably another cyclist! This is doubly ironic. For a group that seems to hold itself above all other life forms it must really put their logic engines into overdrive trying to explain to themselves why one of them would steal a handlebar of all things.

I suppose though that a conspiracy theory has developed in which it has been decided that motorists are of course “out to get” cyclists by stealing their handlebars (which by the way are covered in one of the Constitution Amendments, I’m thinking the 2nd perhaps). This is really one crazy group of individuals.

If you take a look at the bottom of the thread you will not that replies have gone on for nearly four pages! All over the handlebars stolen from a bike. Now weigh this type of response with one of their own stealing someone’s driver side mirror. Any takers on how many responses that entry got?