The Similarities Between Breaking Apart Aboriginal Families and Creating Protected Bike Lanes


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Scratch A Conservative / Liberal And You Will Find A “God Complex”

Governor Quinn must be the Devil himself. He is actually asking the CDOT to prove to the IDOT that their lanes actually are as safe as they claim. How dare anyone question the wisdom of a Liberal. Here are some of the quotes from the thread on this subject:

Reply by Michelle Stenzel 6 hours ago
Thank you Lee and Active Trans for providing this easy way for everyone to speak up and protest this situation. I’ve been stewing over it since Streetsblog Chicago first broke the news last week.

Clybourn Avenue was scheduled to have a 3.5 mile stretch from Division to Belmont upgrade this coming spring 2013, and this move will delay that for years. As Steve Vance pointed out in the Streetsblog coverage, portions of other important streets like Diversey, Archer, Washington and Adams were scheduled for upgrades in the coming year 2013-2014, and those will also be delayed. I encourage everyone to sign this petition, preferably with a personal note saying why this will affect you and why it matters, and pass it along for others to do so as well.

Reply by Anne Alt 2-10 6 hours ago
Thank you for creating this petition. There’s more than enough data from other states regarding protected bike lanes.

Reply by Kevin C 4.1 mi 6 hours ago
Shouldn’t the form letter to Gov. Quinn contain at least some language to the effect that the Chicago Department of Transportation and Active Trans reserve the right to continue to recommend and install poorly designed, hastily constructed bike lanes over broken and irregular pavement, and maintain and/or plow it sporadically, secure in the knowledge that the Chicago cycling sheep community will uniformly embrace it as “progress?”

Reply by Thunder Snow 5 hours ago
Done. Now Kevin, don’t let the desire for perfection prevent any progress at all.

Reply by Kevin C 4.1 mi 5 hours ago
My benchmark for progress is, on balance, “no less safe than it was before.” In my subjective assessment, this has only been achieved once-with the Kinzie bike lane, and I still believe there are aspects of that project which have resulted in “less safe than it was before.” If I were a proponent of protected bike lanes (and I most certainly am not), I would be more concerned with the powers that be getting them right. They are very high profile infrastructure projects which have polarized transportation factions. If these projects don’t get used because they are poorly designed, constructed or maintained, they are going to be very public failures, and that will result in greater difficulty in constructing better ones in the future.

Reply by 122782_ 5 hours ago
I agree that we need more PBLs so people feel comfortable with biking in the city, but these things really need to be planned/executed better.

Overall, I enjoy the Kinzie PBL, but parts of it definitely could have been designed better. Allowing parking all the way to the bottom of that first hill is super dangerous. Nonstop right hooks. Plowing here is always hit-or-miss, too.

Reply by globalguy 5 hours ago
Yes Kevin, stop being a poop! Don’t you know that the ATA and it’s employer, the City of Chicago, always know what’s best and where. Geez, you’re just too damn cynical. Perhaps we need to secretly convene the Pollyanna Council of 7 3/8s to isolate your bad vibes from the innocent and pure of heart.

Reply by Yasmeen 5 hours ago
Being a commuter that does not have protected bike lanes, I am disappointed in learning this is not a priority for iDOT and I hope they change their minds quickly. I signed the petition and posted it on FB. Cyclists need safer streets and this has been a much needed improvement. I hope this continues and our Mayor continues his commitment to making the streets safer for cyclists.

Reply by Team h’ 1.0 4 hours ago
I’d add a few more. 18th street bridge. Elston.
But am extremely frustrated with what’s happened on the west side.

Reply by Duppie 13.5185km 1 hour ago
Proud to be a cycling sheep 😉

Reply by william 1 hour ago

I support the construction of PBLs 100%.

Reply by Tricolor 10 hours ago
I wouldn’t be on such a tear against Rahm as much as the local aldermen. That said the people running street maintenance could probably stand a good kicking, too, and the Mayor can do something about them.

Reply by globalguy 8 hours ago
Actually, I recently spoke with a long-time, senior city employee who pointed out that Rahm 1. demanded a specific amount of lanes by the New Year, come what may, and 2. he’s pretty much encouraging various commissioners to fight over turf at the detriment of co-ordinated public polic y such as bike lane installation and maintenance.

Reply by william 4 hours ago
oh, no. pot holes. that never happens, ever.

big deal. upgrade to fat tires and blow through them.

Reply by Team h’ 1.0 4 hours ago
You have failed to understand the situation entirely.

Reply by Team h’ 1.0 4 hours ago
There’s more to the story of how something so collosally wrong could make it to implementation.
I think somewhere down the chain there’s someone who was committed to having the lanes fail.

Reply by David P. 24 minutes ago
I think I’d rather have good pavement everywhere than all the new bike lanes, PBLs, etc. I might just settle for non-shitty pavement.

Reply by James BlackHeron 1 minute ago
I’d rather have bad pavement and no cars, than good pavement and cars. The better the pavement the faster the cars go -and the more cars there are every year.
Build roads, and cars will come.
We should have left all the streets unpaved.

Not Knowing The Difference Between Progress And Blind Ideology

An Aboriginal man arrives on the Parliament lawns to hear Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd deliver an apology to the Aboriginal people. © Getty Images

An Aboriginal man arrives on the Parliament lawns to hear Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd deliver an apology to the Aboriginal people.
© Getty Images

The worst mistake that an activist can make might just be buying into the Talking Points provided for the Trained Seals (i.e. Cycling Sheep). There is a set of consequences to pay for sooner or later. What we are building here in the U.S. is not exactly like what our Europeans Cousins already have. What we are getting is a hybrid. We are either unwilling or unable to pay for something more like their “segregated lanes” so we are settling for what we call “Protected Bike Lanes” and unfortunately the implementation of the ones currently on display is dismal.

But the point of this essay is not the lanes themselves but the fact that whatever the Cause there is always an assumption that it is the right way to proceed towards Progress.

We are on the way towards another tragic episode here in the United States with respect to the treatment of Native American children. They are being taken from their homes and raised by white families and often not allowed to learn their heritage or origins. They are in effect being “brainwashed”. All of this in the name of that quixotic stuff activists like to call Progress.

At least the Australians finally realized their mistaken arrogance on the notion of Progress for Aboriginal Children and apologized. No doubt there are many Liberals in this country who are certain that the best way to give Native American Children a leg up in a society which is “superior” to theirs is to take them from their homes and raise them in what is essentially a white culture. Besides there is money to be made in doing this. So being a Capitalistic society, it seems fitting.

Protected Bike Lanes Are No Guarantee Of Progress Or Safety

I do not know whether ChainLinkers are really understanding their arrogance on the issue of protected bike lanes any more than the Liberals who first proposed on both continents to “mainstream” aboriginal children over the objections of their families and tribes. But they did what they thought “best for the kids” and that is what is so very disturbing. You could be so well-meaning and yet so very, very wrong on a subject.

You could be certain that all of the blather on protected bike lanes is universally true and yet perplexed that the data indicate otherwise. It is like what happened in New York this past fall when their data showed an increase in traffic accidents despite all the bike lanes. Their only way of justifying the results was to blame them on people who were texting and driving.

Wonder what their excuse will be next year if the data shows a contraindication of increased safety?

Being a bit humble in our estimation of rightness is a first start. At present the Church of Urban Cycling is certain of its view of Truth. It has once again gone into the only mode that seems satisfying to its parishioners and that is the all out write-in campaign. But I for one will continue to rail against the Liberal Activist notion that theirs is the only view that really counts. Anything that impedes their agenda is somehow an impediment to progress.

Sounds suspiciously like the blather Australian Liberals mouthed when they were ripping apart families for the good of the children.