The Brompton Bike Tours

by JACK on FEBRUARY 9, 2013

Source: NYCeWheels

4-19-12-10-300x199In spite of the snow that blanketed New York last night, spring is not too far off and we’re starting to turn our thoughts towards the warmer days ahead. As soon as the sun comes out from behind the clouds, and the temperature begins to creep upward towards bearable, we’ll be once again starting up our Free Brompton Tours of NYC!

Explore NYC on a Brompton Folding bike!

The NYCeWheels Brompton bike tour is free weekly event. Every Saturday around 3pm, we invite you to meet us here at the shop and join us on a free tour of nyc. We lend you a brompton bike and a helmet, all you need to do is show up and we’ll take you out on the ride.

Destinations for the Brompton Bike Tour

77d22646af4936f47e970de1275fc614-199x300So where are the best places to ride a folding bike in nyc? The route of the Brompton Bike tour changes from week to week. As many of the participants are first time riders, and have never ridden a folding bike in nyc before, we try to pick destinations that require the least amount of riding in traffic. One of our favorite rides is to head straight over to Central Park, and take a full loop all the way from the entrance at the Met, down the west side past the Natural history museum, down by the Trump tour on the southern end, and then back up the east side of the park.

On other days, we’ll ride the Bromptons east one block to Carl Schultz park, take the East river bike path up north to 103rd, and then cross a pedestrian bridge to Randall’s Island. Randall’s is a beautiful relatively unknown haven, criss-crossed with bike paths, home to art installations, wetlands, and stunning views of the New York City skyline.

At the beginning and end of the tour we’ll help you learn how to fold and unfold the Brompton Bike, and during the course of the ride we’re happy to answer any and all questions you may have about the Bromptons or folding bikes in general.

Sign up for a Premium Brompton Bike Tour

In addition to our weekly free tours, we also schedule special bike tours of NYCperiodically throughout the year. Sign up for an Outdoor Art tour and ride theBrompton to the latest outdoor art exhibitions in Manhattan; bring your friends and schedule an exclusive Birthday Tour, or sign up for a custom ride designed to foster team building and communication skills. These premium Brompton tours are periodic but can usually be scheduled on request.

6adfafbbaca3ea604abe0099798d7294See you on the tour!

Last season these tours were the highlight of my week, and I’m looking forward to being able to lead the rides again come March. Sign up for a free Brompton Tour of NYC and join us for our first ride of the year!