Cycling around in Amsterdam

Posted: 31 December 2012

Source: BicycleDutch

On one of the last days of the year I cycled around Amsterdam with two other bloggers. Doug Gordon or BrooklynSpoke from New York and Marc van Woudenberg better known as Amsterdamized. I highly recommend both their blogs and it is always nice so meet fellow bloggers so when Doug asked if we could meet we quickly got to a date for a ride.

As Doug’s camera broke he didn’t have a souvenir to take home. Marc came to the rescue with a great video capturing the relaxed afternoon perfectly. Note how everything that makes cycling typical in Amsterdam just comes along. Point and shoot and you catch things like the saddle side hop, guys with headphones texting on their smartphone and people with children on their bikes front and back. Leave it up to Marc to wrap everything in a great video!

Video of an afternoon ride in Amsterdam

It is always hard for people to imagine that Amsterdam was very different in the past. These streets didn’t become so people friendly by themselves. In the 1960s and 1970s and even up to the 1980s Amsterdam was filled with cars up to the last alley. So I took some stills and went to the city archive website and it is very easy to find examples of the same street when the car still reigned in Amsterdam.

There is much more information on how the Dutch changed their cities when you search with the tag ‘history‘ on my blog.