Commuting Via Velomobile (VIDEOS)

Velomobile: no gas, burns calories, secure like a car

Uploaded on Jul 13, 2011

Most Americans have never seen one before. When Stephen Mosca takes his out on the street, he says he’s treated like a mini Mini Cooper.

A velomobile guarantees you protection from rain, sun and even cold, but you still need to pedal. Because underneath the aerodynamic shell that gives it the sleek look of a minicar lies a recumbent bicycle.

The fairing (shell) not only helps protect drivers against the elements (and even collisions to some extent), but it gives it an aerodynamic advantages making it one of the fastest bicycles on the road.

Mosca bought his first velomobile about ten years ago when he was looking for something that would protect him on his daily commute. Today, he pedals the 15 miles to work in a full business suit with his briefcase and morning coffee tucked in alongside.

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Sinner Mango velomobile commute home in the snow

Uploaded on Jan 29, 2010 It snowed lightly as I rode to work this morning, snowed gently all day while I was at work, but luckily the snow had stopped falling by the time I rode home and the snow ploughs and gritters had been active on at least most of the cycle paths on the 30 km route between my work and home.

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Velomobile Commute

Published on Mar 3, 2012
My ride to one of my workplaces. It took roughly 17 minutes (including about 4 minutes of waiting at traffic lights). To drive it takes me 15 minutes!

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velomobile commuting

Published on May 10, 2012
early morning commute, left earlier than I usually do. Roads pretty quiet.
video at 4x speed, total ride time 16mins. few mins stuck at traffic lights as a moron in a white truck “had to overtake” and later blocked the road, preventing an oncoming bus from getting through.