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So this intriguing job posting appears on the ChainLink. This is pretty much par for the course where ChainLink prose is concerned. Here you go:

Job Posting: Mechanic and Socail Media Liaison
Posted by Elise Robison on January 28, 2013 at 2:07pm

Rapid Transit Cycleshop – Chicago, IL
Independently owned bicycle shop specializing in unique folding, recumbent and city bikes is in need of an experienced good humored Mechanic who is active in the Chicago cycling community to drive sales and promote cycling in the community with social media utilization, repair classes, group rides and bicycle events.

This Position Requires:

  • Strong technical bicycle knowledge, including mechanical aptitude for non-traditional bikes and the ability to troubleshoot complicated repairs.
  • Passion for promoting and teach bicycle maintenance classes that will enable cyclists to travel independently and encourage the culture of bicycle commuting.
  • Online aptitude and innate vitual savey a must.
  • Work well in a collaborative group with the ability to coup with distraction, adapt to changes, competing demands and unexpected events.
  • Generate new and repeat sales by providing the best customer service, product knowledge, service and technical information in a timely manner.
  • Proactively recommend products needed by our cyclists to increase customer satisfaction and improve profitability.

To Apply:

Please submit a cover letter and resume to Elise@rapidtransitcycles.com

Our Clueless Leader? © Rapid Transit Bike Shop

Our Clueless Leader?
© Rapid Transit Bike Shop

Reply by notoriousDUG 13 hours ago
I feel like I know a guy who would be excellent for that position…

Reply by Tank-Ridin’ Ryan 13 hours ago
Spellchecker is your friend.

Reply by Elise Robison 12 hours ago
He was perfect accept maybe a little to high strung.

Reply by Kevin C 4.1 mi 12 hours ago
High strung is part of his charm. And you really need to embrace spellchecker.

Reply by Tony Adams 6.6 mi 39 minutes ago
Is this also not the venue to tell the story of how you became available?

Reply by Cameron 7.5 mi 4 hours ago
I suspect the venue would involve beer, and would not involve a searchable public record. At least if it were my story to tell it would.

Background Reading

source: genesis-science.blogspot.com

source: genesis-science.blogspot.com

Indeed. Tell us Oh Great One. How didst this come to pass? For some reason it appears that your legions of friends believe that beer is an essential part of the telling of this tale. But that seems to be true of just about everything in cycling. But I do like the fact that there is a growing awareness that this is essentially a “public record“. Better late than never in arriving at this understanding. Who says that Cro-Magnons could not evolve.

But Wait There’s More…

Never let it be said that I am picking on one poor bike shop. No my dear friends, I am scattering the buckshot all around. Herewith begins a collection of what I will offer henceforth as ChainLinkerisms:

Bike Touring Meet and Greet
Added by Active Transportation Alliance

Join Active Trans and connect with riders of all levels that have at least one common interest – seeing the world by bike!

Active Trans Board President, Jim Kreps will share his tips and tricks on bike touring both domestic and international.

In addition, Climate Ride will give a presentation about their long distance cycling events that have risen over $1 million for bicycle advocacy, sustainability, clean energy, and climate education/advocacy organizations. Climate Ride currently produces two events—a New York City to Washington, DC ride and Fortuna to San Francisco, CA—and are working toward bringing an event to the midwest as well. The presentation will share Climate Ride’s transformative experience and cover logistics for training, travel, and fundraising.

Past riders will be on hand to answer questions as well!

Hope to see you there!
Facebook Event:https://www.facebook.com/events/459747270740749/?ref=ts&fref=ts

Reply by Duppie 13.5185km on February 2, 2011 at 5:46pm
There is no such thing as WE in bicyclists (as far as voting for mayor is concerned). Stating otherwise is misrepresenting the diversity and individuality of all us bicyclists.

Feel free to vote for anyone you like, but don’t assume that WE vote the way you vote simply because WE ARE CYCLISTS.

jlj said:

Bicycling should not be anybody’s single voting issue. Rahm spent thousands of dollars to have an employee of his draft those bike plans because he knows WE BICYCLISTS are loud, visible and active.

Who else protests every month (at least). WE BICYCLISTS DO.

You say he has the skills and ability and connections? Wrong. He has the money and connections enough to do whatever other people with money and connections want (he has proven that time and time again). WE BICYCLISTS don’t need a mayor who is skilled, able, blunt and results oriented. That is what WE ARE! The inhabitants of this city are so much more skilled and able than Rahm could ever hope to be. WE have just been made callous by the protection of the evil machine that has run this city for too long. It’s like citywide Stockholm syndrome, WE’VE been held as serfs in the kingdom of Daley so long that WE are scared to be set free, to really make the city what WE THE CITIZENS deserve it to be; A real democratically operating city where the citizens get what WE want, what WE work for and WE deserve.

Being protected by big daddy Daley is like being locked in a car, or living in your high-rise, or hiding in the suburbs. No body else matters, cause WE have cut them out, WE have let somebody create something to separate US from OUR problems rather than actually dealing with them. Rahm is just another thug selling US protection.

Bicycling has brought together a wonderful group of concerned and caring individuals whom are passionate about the world WE live in and the people they interact with.

I believe WE BICYCLISTS are this way because WE BICYCLISTS are NOT enclosed in a steel cage or locked behind parked cars in “protected” bike lanes. WE BICYCLISTS are taking a risk every time WE ride, WE are being vulnerable and human and trusting in the other humans around US. The way WE have let our society grow has driven a wedge between every individual. OUR transportation, sport and passion has allowed US BICYCLISTS to bond with each other once again.

Bicycling is not the issue. Bicycling is just an opportunity to be spontaneous and social and human. Bicycling is an opportunity to care about each other again, bicycling is an opportunity to see that the bully honking the horn, swerving in traffic and cutting US off to “get things done” is not the person WE want to interact with. Bicycling will exist even if whatever bully WE let push US around removes the bike lanes and makes it illegal to pedal two wheels in the city limits.

WE shouldn’t care about what scraps a candidate is willing to throw to us because he/she knows WE are the most loud visible and active citizens of this city.

WE will vote for who WE want to bicycle with. Who WE want to share the road, the city, the world with. WE will make others feel ashamed for being that loud, “getting things done bully” WE will make people ashamed for wanting that person to be OUR leader.

Shame on ME for not realizing this sooner. Shame on US for letting our world become this way. Shame on YOU for trying to make US think that this is the only way the world can work.

WE BICYCLISTS are approaching a big intersection, the biggest WE’ve seen in too many years, leading a mass the size of OUR CITY. It is the responsibility of WE BICYCLISTS to cork this intersection for those too meek and used to being protected by steel, money and greed. WE have seen each other for what WE are; responsible for EACH OTHER. Let US be responsible and a model for the rest of OUR CITY and say no to the bully that is Rahm Emanuel.

You have to like this knucklehead. In one wild rant “jlj” has managed to put the lie to the notion that Critical Mass Rides are not protests.