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Welcome to the Central Florida Bike Bus hub. This site is dedicated to bringing together cyclists who want to commute by bike using the same roads as every other vehicle. By riding as a group on a regular schedule and following all traffic laws, we’ll improve our visibility and show that cyclists and motor vehicles can coexist in a positive and productive way.

What is a Bike Bus?

A Bike Bus is an organized group of cyclists with a common destination

A Bike Bus is an organized group of cyclists with a common destination

A Bike Bus is an organized group of cyclists with a common destination. Similar to a public transit bus, the bike bus follows a fixed route and schedule, allowing riders to join and leave the bus at their convenience along the way.

There are many advantages to riding with a bike bus:

  1. It’s fun! Cycling with a group not only lets you meet new people, but it takes the monotony out of riding by yourself.
  2. It’s safe. Cycling with a group increases your visibility.
  3. It’s great for your health.
  4. It’s great for the environment.

Read the FAQ for more details on how the bike bus works and what you need to do to participate.

Geocaching with the UCF Bike Bus

GPS Unit

GPS Unit

Have you’ve ever wanted to experience the UCF Bike Bus, but it never fits your work schedule or route?

Are you wondering what geocaching, the high-tech treasure hunt, is all about?

Do you want to meet other like-minded people that enjoy driving their bikes for fun and utility?

Well here is your chance!

Join Commute Orlando, Bike/Walk Central Florida and the UCF Bike Bus for a ride to UCF via the Bike Bus Route. Once at UCF, us on Sunday, May 22 for a ride to UCF lead by the UCF Bike Bus as we continue celebrating National Bike Month. We’ll follow our normal 11 mile route through the Cady Way Trail and University blvd, and you’ll be able to hop on the bus anywhere along the way depending on where you live or how far you want to ride.

Once we arrive at UCF, we will park and lock our bikes, then go geocaching in the UCF Arboretum. Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game played throughout the world by adventure seekers equipped with GPS devices. The basic idea is to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, outdoors and then share your experiences online. If you are not up for a ride that day, you can met us at UCF for geocaching. We’ll have worked up quite and appetite by then, so we’ll have lunch at a local eatery before riding the 11 miles back to the Cady Way trailhead or wherever you want to hop off the bus along the way.

Bike Bus Schedule

Below is the schedule of when the bike bus plans to arrive at major intersections, or you can follow us in real time via Please plan to arrive at your stop 10 minutes before our ETA and be ready to hop on the bus (see our FAQ for details).

  • 8:00 am – Depart from Cady Way Trailhead near Fashion Square Mall
  • 8:15 am – Cady Way Trail and Baldwin Park St
  • 8:25 am – University Blvd and Semoran Blvd (Aloma Elementary)
  • 8:32 am – University Blvd and Goldenrod
  • 8:40 am – University Blvd and Econlockhatchee Trail
  • 8:45 am – University Blvd and Dean Rd
  • 8:50 am – Univeristy Blvd and Rouse Rd
  • 8:55 am – University Blvd and Alafaya Trail

What to Bring

  • Be sure you bring lots of water and a snack to hold you over until lunch.
  • Helmets are highly recommended and required for those under 16.
  • We’ll have a few GPS devices you can borrow, or you can download the geocaching app for your mobile device. Visit for more details.

If you want your own UCF Bike Bus shirt, Big Frog in Winter Park has the art work on file.

RSVP on the Facebook Event or by leaving a comment below.

Commuting Tips

Commuting to work or school is a fun and cost-effective means of travel. It helps, though, to be prepared ahead of time with some supplies to make your commute more enjoyable. We put together some lists of things to bring.

Bring to Work on Previous Day

  • work clothes
  • underwear
  • socks
  • shoes
  • towel
  • toiletries: shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, hair stuff
  • food (breakfast, lunch, snacks)
  • face wipes
  • extra workout clothes

Bring On Your Ride

  • bike lights (front white light and red blinking on back)
  • helmet
  • bottle with water / sports drink
  • saddle bag (for small items such as ID and keys)
  • tire changing kit and spare tube

Additional Tips for Commuting


What is a Bike Bus?

A Bike Bus is an organized group of cyclists with a common destination. Similar to a public transit bus, the bike bus follows a fixed route and schedule, allowing riders to join and leave the bus at their convenience along the way.

How does the Bike Bus work?

  • There are usually at least two experienced riders in the bus to both lead the bus and ensure no one gets left behind.
  • Everyone in the Bike Bus is expected to follow the rules of the road, including stopping at red lights and stop signs. Bikes are vehicles and are expected to act as such. Take a moment to look over Florida’s Bike Laws.
  • The bus moves as fast as the slowest person in the group. Don’t worry if you think you ride too slow, this is a community ride.

What days and times will be bike bus be available?

Upcoming rides will be listed on the sidebar. Click on the date you want to ride for more details and to sign up.

Do I need to sign up ahead of time to use the bike bus?

We ask that you leave a comment on the ride page to let us know you are coming and where to expect you along the route. If you need to cancel at the last minute, please let us know that too so we can plan accordingly.

How do I hop on the bus?

Bike Busses don’t fully stop to pick up riders. The easiest way to hop on is to wait in a driveway on the right side of the road. Once you see the bus getting close, start riding in front of the bus to get up to speed. Eventually the bus will catch up with you and you can find a place in the bus. CAUTION: When pulling into the roadway to start riding, make sure no cars are cutting in front of the bus that may not see you.

Does the bus ride rain or shine?

Scheduled rides may be cancelled due to severe weather or lack of interest. Be sure to check the site every day before you leave to make sure the ride has not been cancelled.

Are helmets required?

We highly recommend you wear a helmet. You will be riding with traffic and we want everyone to be safe.

Are lights required?

Cyclists are required by law to have lights when riding in the dark (see Section 316.2065(8), F.S).

  • A bicycle operated between sunset and sunrise must be equipped with a lamp on the front exhibiting a white light visible from 500 feet to the front and both a red reflector and a lamp on the rear exhibiting a red light visible from 600 feet to the rear.
  • Additional lighting is permitted and recommended.

Is riding in a group different than riding solo?

The Florida Bicycle Association has a page discussing some group riding guidelines. These guidelines will help you have an enjoyable bike bus experience.

What happens if I need to leave before/after the bike bus departs?

You have several options:

  • If you feel comfortable riding alone, follow the same route in reverse.
  • Use a nearby trail instead of the road
  • Take the Lynx bus and rack your bike on the bus if a spot is available or leave it at work and ride home the next day.
  • Use reThink’s Emergency Ride Home Program