New Online Question-Based Curriculum Needs Input

January 2013

Source: League of Illinois Bicyclists Newsletter

LIB-LogoLIB has been working on a new online question-based curriculum on bike safety. In Illinois and elsewhere, we have a considerable educational gap – for both cyclists and motorists – on how to properly share the road.

Sometime in spring, we will launch our online “bike safety quiz challenge” website. Users will learn key safety techniques and relevant state laws in an interactive quiz-based format meant to be more effective and enticing than standard reading comprehension methods. Separate modules are being developed for adult bicyclists, child cyclists, and motorists.

The online curriculum will be a great resource for people in our state to become safer bicyclists and motorists. For more information on the project and links to the adult cyclist questions and motorist questions, please visit

For the project to be successful, we will need to leverage partnerships with a variety of groups to reach the most people. Do you know of, or have personal connections with, a group we should be partnering with? Do you personally know a sports/other celebrity, mayor, major elected official, or bike-friendly reporter? We would appreciate hearing from you on this and any other promotional suggestions you may have by emailing us at