Updated: Paternalism Whether From The Right Or Left Still Chafes


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Out “Rushing” Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh recently took Gun Control Advocates to task by comparing their complaints against today’s Gun Rights Advocates as Evil vs. Good. You can listen to his argument here. It’s funny since the upshot of most of the violence against Civil Rights Leaders like Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X and Medgar Evers revolved around their being silenced at the wrong end of a gun. So now the heirs of the racist Southern Democrats of the past lecture blacks on how they might (or perhaps should) have behaved lo those many decades ago.

Of course I am not naive enough to buy this bit of neo-paternalism. I remember the lives snuffed out on the West Side of Chicago when Mark Clark and Fred Hampton made their points with guns drawn. The results were the same. They too died by gunfire. The big difference is that the Black Panthers were labeled as “bad guys” for choosing violence with guns as an option. And leaders like Louis Farrakhan have been castigated by men like Rush Limbaugh for being “black militants“. Now of course the idea of having used guns is being celebrated as a “good idea” by the same crowd.

That sort of thing is not new. You take an idea that you like and you turn history on its head to make it sound as if what you want to do is being done in the name of whomever you wish to swallow your newly minted “bullish*thook line and sinker. Take for instance this blathering from the new group in town who brought us the musing of one Randy Cohen on how running red lights or stop signs is an ethical thing to do but you must never, ever ride against traffic (something that most immigrants learned, from us, I might add):

What the good folks at StreetsBlog bring to us now is the message that protected bike lanes are not to be denied in low-income communities because they “are for our own good“:

For another perspective I contacted Ben Fried, editor of the transportation news website Streetsblog, which has documented the famous battle over protected bike lanes on Brooklyn’s Prospect Park West, as well as opposition to protected lanes in low-income communities. He argues that protected lanes are a safety win for all neighborhoods, and says it’s important that underserved areas like Lawndale get their share. Last year proposed bike lanes on King Drive in Bronzeville were changed to buffered lanes after local clergy voiced concerns about parking. “You really don’t want this to create a precedent where neighborhoods without much bike infrastructure continue to be left behind on street redesigns that make everyone safer,” he says. “That’s not fair to anyone. Church parking can’t take precedence over public safety.

I called it a minefield.© Steve Vance

I called it a minefield.
© Steve Vance

Now the worst of it is that this crowd is opening up shop here in Chicago. They have found two guys who are willing to help them spread their poison and get paid for it into the bargain. Perhaps what they could do is find a way of getting Rush Limbaugh to join in with a half hour bit of twisted history every month or so to make the launch this Friday just that much more meaningful.

Reply by h’ 1.0 3 hours ago
Chandler is a waste of space– almost universally disliked among West Side residents; only ended up back in office because the alternatives were worse.

Any word on what’s happeneing further east/south?

I noticed last night cars are still parked in the bike lane along Marshall. The curbside lane along Sacramento coming south off of Independence is a moonscape– some of the worst pavement I’ve ever seen anyone try to pain bike lanes on top of.

I guess that ‘h has strong feelings about the alderman who having given his OK, was forced to back down on the parking issue that so enraged Ben Fried, editor of the transportation news website Streetsblog. Now to call someone a waste of space is pretty cold. But I guess if one were to respond that being a “faggot” is a reason to disregard someone else’s views, that no one would complain, right? This Liberal crowd is full of the same biases as their Conservative counterparts. One group wraps itself in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and if there is room left at all the American Flag. The other group likes to wrap itself in Progressive Ideas and Protected Bike Lanes and Saving The Planet Values which often requires their women to don their clothes and ride around naked while horny guys who are serving as their Security Detail nurse hard-ons waiting for the after ride beer bash.

Either way society gets screwed and learns to love it.

Last time I looked citizens in communities around the country got to decide what they wanted to be part of their landscape. Protected bike lanes are not always safer, certainly not when installed with as little regard to quality control as it shown in the photo here. The photographer in this instance is one of the two gentlemen who will be doing the honors for Chicago’s StreetsBlog. How ironic!