MUV4, comfy ride in the rain with electric assist

Published on Jan 7, 2013
Mango Urban Vehicle part 4. A slightly edited version is on Vimeo

Testing “Electrango” in the city Groningen. This pedelec or electric assisted velomobile has a Sunstar 250Watt motor. Operation is more than simple, because the system measures how hard you pedal and matches/surpasses your own effort with a boost of the electric engine. The engine is positioned at the bottom bracket, so it works through the gears of the Mango.

An unexpected side effect of the assist is that it helps me recover from an Achilles injury. The chance of putting too much strain on the tendon is minimal, because the motor immediately engages with maximum power when I start to pedal hard.

At the highest level of assistance, I can ride in normal clothes and not get sweaty at all. Inside the Mango, with the hood over my head the comfort level is very good. Noise of the motor is only really noticeable when I pedal hard, so when I accelerate from a stop for instance.