All about the Titanium Brompton Bike

by JACK on JANUARY 19, 2013

Source: NYCeWheels

Titanium Brompton Folder © NYCeWheels

Titanium Brompton Folder © NYCeWheels

At the start of the new year we were excited to receive a shipment of 20 Titanium Brompton Bikes.  Over the past year, the titanium models have been in short supply— Brompton wasn’t making them, retailers weren’t selling them, and those lucky enough to have one were lauded and admired from afar.   So, when we heard we’d be getting a new shipment come January we couldn’t have been more excited. Let’s take a moment and talk about what makes the Titanium Brompton Bike so great.

The Brompton is light- the Titanium Brompton is lighter

The Brompton folding bike is itself one of the  lightweight folding bikes out there.  Depending on how many gears you have and which accessories you use, the Brompton can weigh as little as 22, and even loaded up with 6 gears, rear rack, fenders, and Son Dynamo Hub, it will weigh no more than 29lb, lighter than your average cruiser.  That’s light, but the Titanium Brompton is even lighter.

Using Titanium parts, manufacturers were able to shave almost 2lbs off of theBrompton Bike.  A single speed, using the new Titanium parts, could weigh as little as 19.5 lbs, even lighter than many high-end road bikes.  When it comes to a bike, 2 pounds can make a big difference.  It will ride faster, be easier to carry up stairs, more convenient to take with you where ever you might want to go. Multiply this over years of daily use and these subtle differences can have a huge impact.

So what exactly is different about the Titanium Brompton?

Titanium Brompton Rear Triangle © NYCeWheels

Titanium Brompton Rear Triangle © NYCeWheels

Despite popular belief, the Titanium Brompton Bike is not made entirely out of Titanium.  Like the original, the frame is made of a high-grade lightweight steel, the seat-post is made of aluminum.  Instead, key parts were replaced with titanium to minimize weight, while preserving the overall integrity of the Brompton folding bike‘s exceptional original design.  Specifically, the rear triangle, front fork, fender stays, and folding pedal bolt areTitanium.

Other features on the Titanium Brompton Bike

In addition to the Titanium parts, theTitanium Brompton bikealso has other impressive features that distinguish it from the original.  The front wheel is ultra lightweight, featuring budded spokes which taper in the middle to shave off a few ounces.  The front wheel also features a sealed bearing hub, which requires less maintenance, provides more protection from the elements and features top craftsmanship.

Titanium Brompton Folder in Kickstand Mode © NYCeWheels

Titanium Brompton Folder in Kickstand Mode © NYCeWheels

So there’s a quick summary of what makes the Tiamium Brompton Bike so unique and why it has been the so highly anticipated and admired over the last year.  Now that we have some in stock, don’t let the opportunity pass by, order your Titanium Brompton Bike today, and you’ll see what all the talk is about.