Rush Limbaugh Doppelganger Joins The ChainLink Forum


Rush Limbaugh would love the fact that he has an admirer who is stirring the pot a bit on the ChainLink Forum and when “called out” falls back on the every popular Limbaugh refrain “It’s just entertainment!” He writes in regards to his proposal for an Active Citizens Ticket Brigade (to ticket motorists who use the bike lane to drop off things or otherwise violate his “airspace“:

Reply by Chi Lowe 12.5+ mi 1 hour ago

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

Again, 62% cheek – don’t take any of this too seriously. The ACTB will never happen. Where the suggestion of an ACTB is more than half snark, here’s the best distillation I can make of the thoughts that inspired the thread:

When a person parks in the bike line, cyclists have to go around them. That puts us face to face with oncoming cyclists and/or traffic, and pedestrians who are not expecting us to be where we are when we come around an illegally parked vehicle. That puts us, oncoming cyclists, and peds at risk.

I can stop for a ped (haven’t hit one yet), and most cyclists are naturally vigilant about avoiding other cyclists in these situations (haven’t collided with one yet). Even if I did collide with either of those types, it would take a special kind of bad luck for debilitating injury or death to result. But if one cager hits me while I’m trying to avoid another, illegally parked cager – I may die.

To ratchet up the pedantry and bring the issue to a point of crystal clarity, to ride a bike legally in the BIKE ROAD, I have to risk dying to accommodate people who are unapologetic (or clueless) about breaking the law.

Call me a busybody, but since the city will never have the resources to enforce parking restrictions in all the new bike lanes (thereby reducing my risk), I’d love to have a way to quietly, politely, and properly thank the folks whose thoughtlessness, impatience, or lack of situational awareness threaten my health.

Jason said:
The “Active Citizens Ticket Brigade” idea sounds like a bunch of neighborhood busy bodies that think they should be able to dictate the lives of everyone around them. I would actively oppose such legislation.

And yes, never going to survive legal challenge. Oh, and how long till one of the busy bodies gets shot for pissing someone off?


Most of the logic that masquerades as Urban Cyclist Activism is in fact tantamount to the actions of “neighborhood busy bodies“. It is usually a lot of melodramatic “crap” that parades as caring involvement when someone dies and serves as a chance to plaster as many cars with stickers and leaflets and this “cheap ass” horde of 8,500 riders (who allowed about 200 to pay for their ChainLink Forum fun) are willing to fork out.

Rather than trying to prevent these deaths in the first instance (by running a consistent campaign against scofflaw behavior, especially when operating a fixie bike devoid of brakes) they cry crocodile tears, beat their chests and dress in the modern day equivalent of sack cloth and ashes (name skinny jeans and a soul patch or nose ring).

But what really galls me is the description that this knucklehead uses as the basis for his argument against driver violating his “airspace“:

When a person parks in the bike line, cyclists have to go around them. That puts us face to face with oncoming cyclists and/or traffic, and pedestrians who are not expecting us to be where we are when we come around an illegally parked vehicle. That puts us, oncoming cyclists, and peds at risk.

This description of the effects of having to avoid a cyclist or a pedestrian or a motorist in the bike lane is exactly analogous to what happens when one of these “Urban Cyclists” decides to do the Red Light Two Step maneuver while running a red light. They cross half the intersection then turn right holding a track stand until such time as they can ride headlong into the left turn lane of the traffic approaching from the right. Upon allowing cars to pass he then proceeds to cross the remaining lanes via a U-Turn before making a righthand turn from the righthand lane.

I have yet to ever hear or read of any ChainLink Forum regular who finds this sort of stuff equally offensive. The reason is that so many of them do this sort of thing it would be ludicrous of them to complain. But instead they want to take pictures of motorists and post them on a website.

Let me alert you now that I am 100% serious when I tell you that I will make it my life’s work to photograph every single instance of scofflaw bicyclist behavior I can and post it all on YouTube. And I suppose I really should start by posting a video of the fellow who was serving as a Ride Marshall for Active Transportation Alliance on this fall’s Four Star Bike Tour. I would love to see Ron Burke and company try and explain away the behavior of this yokel.

The petty self-righteousness of this group really reviles me almost as much as listening to NRA or Tea Party types spin their mounds of ä. If you really want to play hardball, then “game on!” Like you virtually every motorist has a cell phone with a camera feature than allows not only snapshots but video.

While driving home tonight along Ogden Avenue towards Stroger Hospital a ninja cyclist complete with balaclava and black clothing rode between my van and the cars in the righthand lane and then proceeded to cross the intersection on a red light only to have to pause in the middle to avoid colliding a motorist turning left before he continued southwest on Ogden.

A real bonehead maneuver but typical of Urban Cyclists everywhere. I just wish that there was a way of capturing the swearing that the driver who meets this yokel “head on” and without warning in the intersection must have been uttering. The oncoming traffic had a green light (and we a delayed green light for a “safety” reason). Urban Cyclists are all over the safety issue when either a pedestrian, salmoning cyclist or motorist is violating their “airspace“. Any cyclist who deigns to mention their transgressions aloud is branded either a troll or anti-cycling. My rejoinder to that crap is “screw you“.

While Lance Armstrong is having to eat a bit of crow over having lied about using performance enhancement drugs we have Urban Cyclists who “talk a good game” about safety and man the cameras of StreetFilms and pronouncing about low-income church goers not having the right to reject “safety” in their neighborhoods, but who never want to acknowledge the rot in their own backyards. I say that the time has come for these bastards to take a bit of the medicine they so richly deserve.

With a 50-to-1 advantage of motorists to cyclist it should not be hard to get images of scofflaw cyclists posted and going viral. And you will only have your arrogant selves to blame.