Updated: ChainLinkers Can Dish It, But Can They Take It?


Background Reading:

I guess that when it pertains to automobiles nothing is “off limits“. Ok. Let’s assume that the idea proposed below is worthy of our consideration. Take a gander at it first:

Active Citizens Ticket Brigade?

Junior High Hall Monitor Sash

Junior High Hall Monitor Sash

Posted by Chi Lowe 12.5+ mi on January 16, 2013

If the city can issue tickets against photos of vehicles breaking the law robotically, why can’t it leverage the cycling population to submit pictures of cars, trucks, and taxi cabs parked and/or stopped in lanes designated for cycle traffic – and issue tickets against those as well?

A pilot program seems likely to attract dozens of eager volunteers. It would raise awareness about the issue, and if it were successful, it would help keep Rage Cagers out of the bike lanes and in the streets, where they belong.

Crazy talk? Sick fantasy? Or FREE municipal revenue generator?

It is not much different to what is already being done on the West Coast. But cyclists hate the fact that “they are being singled out“. But where this sort of thing is done they take it not very well. Think I’m kidding take a gander at the videos below:

What’s Good For The Goose…

Reply by Tim S 3 hours ago
Wow, okay.

While i understand the need to keep the bike lane clear i am NOT a fan of this form of combating the issue. I have been an outspoken critic of red light and speed cameras automating the job of ticket writing. This really is no better. not a fan of rating your neighbours out, or having cameras everywhere. 1984, THX1138, F 451, Blade Runner all of these stories paint a drab controlled dystopian society whet we are all watched all the time with both the govt and neighbours “doing the right thing”.

I give em a look or the finger but will not suppprt this citizen justice brigade. Maybe its a slight over reaction to where you all are going.

Would you support a cager stopped at an intersection with a camera phone sending video via email to the city for facial recognition automated tickets for bikes running a stop sign?

If you really want to see the fur fly try out your idea on motorists. You will invariably get someone brave enough to provide “push back”. And when that happens Chicago Cyclists who have been trying to maintain that the “Scofflaw Cyclist” myth is just that will have a good deal of evidence to the contrary.

So “go ahead, make my day“!

An Alternative Notion

If Chicago Cyclists really want to make use of their photographic and vigilante skills simultaneously why not opt for policing the bike routes in Chicago. Not merely for finding motorist violations but also to document for City Hall the “poor quality” of the brand new lanes being shoved down our collective throats in the name of progress.

Of course that would mean having to be critical of our lack of oversight in pushing for these lanes. And groups like Active Transportation Alliance and CDOT would be made to look less than proficient in their jobs. But hey, it’s all in the name of finding something to do with ourselves other than drink until we are in a collective stupor.