Bike Blogs in Washington State

Source: Bicycle Alliance of Washington

WAZZU_STR-e1348279479311This page is intended to be a comprehensive list of bicycle blogs written in Washington state. If you read or write a blog not listed here, let us know: We’re tweeting RSS feeds from these blogs at @BikeWAblogs, separate from our primary organizational account @BikeWA.

By “bike blog” we mean bloggers who either focus entirely on biking, cover bike stuff on a fairly regular basis, or ride a bike and may occasionally talk about it because it’s a part of their lives. By “comprehensive” we mean “never complete, never stops growing” because we know another one is starting up any day now, so we’ll keep adding to the list.

Our first run at the list focuses on personal blogs; we also include blogs associated with Washington-based bike businesses where the business actually posts but we didn’t go in search of bike-biz blogs so we’re sure to have missed some.

The bike club question: To list here or on a separate list of clubs? Some blog, some don’t. For now we’ll put clubs with active blogs here as we spot them but may move them all over to the club list on the Resources page, which we’ll also be updating regularly.

We can’t vouch for the frequency of postings and blogger opinions are their own. By linking here, we 100% endorse riding a bicycle and having an active biking/blogging community in the nation’s #1 Bike-Friendly State.

Where we know the Twitter name for the blogger we list that too, along with the link to a Facebook page for the blog (not a personal profile). We include links to blogs that appear to be defunct, figuring you never know when someone will gain new blogging energy and they may have captured a bit of history you want to read.

Washington cities and regions are listed in alphabetical order. We don’t ever want to make the mistake of saying you’re writing from a big city that happens to be near your smaller hometown or vice versa, so tell us if we have you geographically misplaced. We’re working from what you say on your About page or in your blog platform profile.

We know more of you are biking and blogging than we’ve found in this first pass because all of Washington state has great bicycle riding well worth blogging about. Tell us and you’re on the list!


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