The Safest Bike On The Road Is 100% Reflective?

14 Dec 2012

Source: DesignTaxi

Fully Reflective Bike Frame

Fully Reflective Bike Frame

Boston-based lawyer Josh Zisson wanted to make the safest transportation bike on the road.

In partnership with Halo Coatings, he created a bike that has a retro-reflective frame—when headlights of cars hit it, the whole bike glows bright white, making it impossible to miss at night.

The bike also has a dynamo hub in the front that powers an LED headlight and daytime running lights, and a brake light on its tail that lets cars behind you know when you’re braking (through monitoring the front wheel).

Zisson also equipped it with full fenders for rainy commutes, puncture-resistant tires and tubes, a double kickstand, and a chainguard.

Instead of a derailleur, the bike has an 8-speed internally geared rear hub for easier maintenance, and it allows shifting while stationary (for when you have to stop at red lights).

Is this the safest bike on the road?

[via Bike Safe Boston]