Forward Folding bikes: what’s new in 2013!

by JACK on JANUARY 10, 2013


0171-300x199Happy New Year!!! We did it, in the face of Mayan prophesies and fiscal cliffs, another year lived out to the fullest in gusto, exuberance, and a dash of charm. We missed you during the break, but at long last we’re back from the holidays and ready for an exciting new year of folding bikeselectric bikeskick scooters, and of course great new video reviews.

So what’s new in 2013?

Brompton Bikes Beyond

One of the most exciting headlines of the new year is the increased availability ofTitanium Brompton Bikes. The wait for the Titanium Brompton Bikes has had its ups and downs. Brompton originally introduced the Titanium models several years ago, hoping to shave off a few pounds from their already lightweight folding bikes, while maintaining their strength and durability.

021-300x199And the results were impressive. With titanium parts the Brompton folding bike,usually weighing around 25lbs, would weigh as little as 20lb! This would make the Brompton folding bike not only one of the smallest folding and best ridingfolding bikes on the market, but also one of the lightest.

Brompton, ever the perfectionists, stopped producing the Titanium models, hoping to work out a few kinks, and since we have waited, Beckett like, for their return. Now finally, at the start of the new year, the wait is over. We now have 20Titanium Brompton Bikes in stock and ready to order. The inventory is so new that it’s not yet available on our website but you can give us a call to learn about the new Titanium Brompton Bikes now available.

New Brompton Accessories

018-300x199To go with the new Brompton Bikes we have some cool new folding bike accessoriesDemano, a design outfit out of Barcelona, Spain, has continued to improve their line of bags made specifically for the Brompton bikes, producing a wide range of designs that are both beautiful and functional, with large volume and a fully waterproofed exterior layer. Their latest design is a Custom flap for the Brompton S bag. Like the rest of the line, the flap is completely waterproof but also easily removable via tough Velcro, making it easy to access content from your front bag without removing tons of straps and clasps.

New Possibilities with BionX Conversion Kit

P7232178-300x225This last year we experimented with the BionX Conversion Kit, a kit which allows you to turn virtually any regular bike into an electric bike, producing a wide range of versatile folding e-bikes like the BionX Paratrooper Folding bike, and BionX MuP8. Looking forward, the BionX Conversion Kit offers some of the most exciting possibilities. Already we’ve begun to plan which of our folding bikes will make the next ebike conversion, and have begun to draw up designs for a custom version of the Surly Moonlander with the BionX attached.

Onwards and upwards

So that’s some of what we have on our minds at the start of the new year. Of course, while we continue thinking of onwards and upwards, the NYCeWheels crew is busy taking care of business, finding new and more efficient ways of processing orders, redesigning our website to make it easier to navigate, helping customers find exactly what they’re looking for. We’re here for you, so, as we enter the new year, keep in touch, let us know what you need, and how we can help you. So upward! Onward! Let’s take a look at some great folding bikes, explore the latest in e-bike technology, and have some fun!