Posted on January 10, 2013 by Dave Feucht

Source: Portlandize

Dutch Bike with Satchel

Dutch Bike with Satchel

Well, this will be a bit of an unusual post. A bit of a solicitation. I’m wondering if anyone is interested in taking over Portlandize. Here is why:

Over the last number of years, as I have changed personally, a number of things have happened. I’ve become much less eager to toot Portland’s horn, as I feel that, while there are some nice things about riding a bike in Portland, it’s not really all it’s talked up to be, at least in my own personal experience, and so for me personally, writing a blog called Portlandize feels a bit misleading, as I’m not really gung-ho about ‘Portlandizing’ anywhere else.

I’ve also become less excited about having a blog specifically devoted to writing about bicycles. A bicycle has become a part of my everyday life, in the same way that reading books, cooking, and taking photos are a part of my everyday life. It feels weird to me to have separate blogs for everything I do, all the different parts of my life, and I’m keen to integrate a bit more. As you may have noticed, my posts over the last year have become more and more just ‘this is what we did on our bikes’ – and after a certain point, that just starts to feel a little bit mundane and repetitive. Oh, we went grocery shopping again, like every other day.

Anyway, all of this has resulted in me not using this space often, and I would love to pass it off to someone who would make good use of it, so if anyone is interested in the domain, I’d be happy to point it at your web hosting until my registration expires, and then you would be welcome to buy it after that. I would be happy to supply all the current Portlandize posts, if you wanted them, as long as you made note that they were written by me. Or you could just start fresh with a totally new blog.

So, if anyone is interested, feel free to leave comments or email me, and we can work it out. I currently still post stuff over at and, and will probably continue to do so for some time at least, and I will of course post there if anything changes. Cheers!