Naperville Art League and Sweet Tomatoes Ride


Naperville Art League Center

Naperville Art League Center

After breakfast we took a drive along the Fox River up north (using Route 25) into Elgin and then back south again (along Route 31) to Aurora. It was a nice day to sightsee and the river itself and the surrounding lands are being transformed each time we visit.

There is a new bridge crossing the Fox River at Red Gate Road. There is even a website that details the construction and the benefits of this added crossing point.

Upon reaching Aurora we travelled west into southern Naperville and enjoyed very good lunch at Sweet Tomatoes just across from the Portillo’s on Route 59. I ate until I was literally stuffed. But since it was all vegetables I guess it was not as bad as it might have been.

Later we drove back towards home through downtown Naperville. Just north of the Metra train station is the Naperville Art League Center. The group has a website and a very interesting building. I simply could not avoid turning around to grab a quick snapshot. But I will return on another day to do their building justice.

A good day despite the cold weather. I am hoping that next week’s weather will prove a bit more hospitable.