Cycling in the Netherlands picture post #3: Animals


Source : Department for Transport

Note that Super-Dad here also has his son in the child seat!

Or ‘dogs’ to be more precise. (Although I did see people with cats in cat baskets being taken to the vet, I got no photos of them.)

In the Netherlands, it’s quite common for people to take their dogs with them when riding their bike. Either in a basket, a trailer, or scampering along beside, I’ve never seen such happy dogs as I saw in the Netherlands.

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What sort of reception would ChainLink members give to pet owners riding with their dogs in the bikes lanes here in Chicago? You can get a sense of their outrage from this thread:

One of the respondents to a different thread here wrote the following:

Reply by Will V. on August 5, 2010 at 9:50am

Great blog post, but I do hate the way Dutch bikes are so huge, they seem to tower over other bikes on the rack. I’m sure it’s not an issue in Holland as most/all bikes are Dutch, but over here they seem to me like the SUV of the bicycle world. My take on them has been colored by the fact that I once spent about 10 minutes getting my bicycle untangled from a Dutch bike that was locked way too close to mine.

We Yanks are a surly lot. We will not tolerate many things European despite our seemingly being enamored with their infrastructure. Dogs on or off leash running alongside bikes in the bike lane are going to be a problem for most of the arrogant ChainLinkers whose posts I have had the displeasure of reading.

And given the fact that most of us Yanks are decidedly fetishistic about our bikes, the Dutch Bike will appear strange and awkward to us. We have a difficult time accepting such bikes even when we are proponents of them:

Reply by John Greenfield on November 26, 2012 at 3:12pm

These bikes are definitely made for comfort, not speed, but weight isn’t as much of an issue as you’d think for short trips on flat Chicago streets. Bike educator Dave “Mr Bike” Glowacz uses airless tires on his daily commuter bike and swears by them.

I wrote a while ago about the impact I think velomobiles will have on the minds and attitudes of the ChainLink crowd. These are folks who value fixed gear bikes above all else. What on Earth will they do when a pod of velomobiles comes flying past them in the bike lane running low and silent (for the most part) at speeds that approach those of the cars running alongside on the left?

Time will tell. I sincerely want to be alive to read the snarky thread replies when this happens.