ChainLink: The bike lanes getting more crowded in 2013 and beyond?

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Posted by Mike Zumwalt on January 2, 2013 at 1:09pm

How many “new” people will begin biking in 2013?
Parking in the loop and other ‘hoods went up, CTA is going up and I heard on the tv news that Rollerblades are allowed in the streets as traffic just like bikes?

Get Smart!

Here is some reading you might want to do in searching for an answer to your question:

News Flash!

New York Bike Lane

New York Bike Lane

We are all in this together. Get used to that fact. The world does not revolve around bicycles. It’s the other way around.

There will soon come a time when the public begins to realize that when sidewalks are missing and there is a bike lane, that is the place to walk or run. When you are using a wheel chair and the sidewalks are missing or just darned unsafe, the bike lane is the place to be. When you are riding a skateboard down Taylor Street just past the Starbucks across from the Italian American Museum of Sport the bike lane is where you will want to do this.

If you are a tight-sphinctered ChainLinker who thinks using a Taser gun on a pedestrian or jogger in “your” lane you might have another think coming. Get used to “sharing“. Think of it this way:

The more different types of people using “‘your’ bike lanes” the better. It increases their popularity and thus the base of defenders of their continued existence. In the meantime get some damned lights on your bike and add a brake to that “fixie“. The public owns these lanes and that means “all of us“. That is all.