2012 Urban Bike Night Rotterdam

Source: YouTube

Urban Bike Night in NAi, Rotterdam. How the bicycle can save the city. Presentations of bikes, Steven Fleming & Stefan Bendiks, preview of “Genre de Vie” and bicycle tour by night.

Most remarkable quote of Steven Fleming:

“Public transport is ridiculous, you shouldn’t commute from here to Amsterdam to work. Which country should offer that to people, that sounds ridiculous. You create the problem of hyper congestion from a city where everyone instead of riding 10 or 15 kilometers to their work, they’re riding and crush into train stations.”

The evening started with a presentation of Steven Fleming (Australian professor). He made a mind shift to imagine that 85% of all trips in the world would be done by bike. He posited that at this moment 85% of all trips is done by car…. He showed some examples from car culture and showed the same ideas applied to bike use. Indoor parking, ramps to bring your bike on the roof etc. He ended his presentation with a call to start cycling longer distances in the Netherlands, than we do at this moment. In his opinion cycling to a train station to catch a train to make a 15 km trip is bad for the environment of the translation. We should better cycle the whole trip.

As intermezzo Hugo van der Steenhoven (Dutch Cyclist Union) was interviewed about his idea to increase the use of bicycles. He criticized Dutch government with the lack of a national bike policy. A little discussion rose about the needs of Dutch cities, like Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Parking at train stations, width of dedicated cycle tracks, mopeds and non-stop cycling were discussed.

Stefan Bendigs (Architekt Artginering) presented the new era of Cycle Cities and a holistic approach towards implementing cycling in the city. He showed how entrepreneurs respond to high volume of cyclists in the street and what can happen if you really invest in cycling infrastructure.

Genre de Vie showed a trailer of their crowd-funded film of making cycling cities.

During the Urban Bike Tour some spots in Rotterdam were shown and discussed. Should cycling be allowed in the pedestrian zone when shops are closed? Is reconstruction of the Nieuwe Binnenweg a good example for cycle safety, with parked cars (door-zone) and tramway tracks? At the train station VeloTaxi was shown as a nice example of personal mobility.