Blind Faith Cafe and Turin Bike Shop Visit 2012


Old Turin Bike Shop Exterior Sign

Old Turin Bike Shop Exterior Sign

Okay, the world is safe for something. Why? The Bears won their final game 26-24 against the hapless Detroit Lions. Now if the Packers can manage to win their final season game against the Minnesota Vikings we Bears fans can prolong our misery another Sunday longer.

In the meantime the Cheese Heads have invaded the Land of Lincoln. Good friend Chris Kegel is taking over the Ten27 Cycles Shop (formerly Turin Cycle Shop) up in Evanston. The place had some activity as locals came in to find “bargains” just before the holidays end.

The signs on the shop windows announce that everything is being sold. Chris told me a the Christmas Party last weekend that their target day was mid-February. I jokingly told him that any color scheme in the place would be fine with the exception of “green and gold” but if the Packers can deliver even those colors might be welcomed. (wink!)

After the visit to the store we headed over to a longstanding vegetarian restaurant called the Blind Faith Cafe. If you are wondering about the name you might have your memory jogged by this video reprise:

As for the cafe itself the place has fairly good food. I actually ordered a vegetarian burger and Connie a vegetarian rib sandwich. Both were okay but frankly the fare at the Native Foods Cafe is better. But that is of course a matter of opinion. “Your mileage may vary” as the saying goes.

We found as with the day before that there were a fair number of African-Americans dining in the place. I say this because frankly “my peeps” are less likely to frequent vegetarian and vegan venues. That is a sad fact given the inordinate number of us who suffer from diabetes, stroke and Alzheimers due to the Standard American Diet (SAD). But since most of us or our parents migrated from the South (or should I say the Stroke Belt) where nothing tastes good unless it is fried, you should not be surprised.

Then it was off in search of some coffee before driving home.