Updated: Playing with the Brompton Toolkit

Source: NYCeWheels

Yesterday, we received word: the Brompton Toolkit has been officially shipped from the Brompton Factory and should be available by the end of December. The wait is nearly over, I know I know, but I couldn’t help it, I heard that Brompton was sending over a Tool Kit early for demo purposes, and I couldn’t wait to give it a try.

Brompton Toolkit

The Brompton Toolkit is an innovation almost as cool as the Brompton bicycle itself. When I say that keep in mind I am a big fan of the Brompton bike. I’ve owned my M6L Raw Lacquer (now converted to the S bar) for 3 years now and it’s been my favorite bike since the first moment I unfolded it and rode out of the shop.

The Brompton Toolkit has all the best features the Brompton bike has:

  • Convenience – it fits right into the frame so you’re never with out it.
  • Function – it has all the tools you need to maintain your Brompton
  • Mystery – before you open it the Brompton Toolkit doesn’t look like much but once you open it… wow!

Well maybe not everyone thinks of the Brompton bicycle as mysterious but I like to think that I am the owner of some lost technology that an advanced civilization used to integrate biking into their daily life. The Brompton Toolkit is the latest gem to emerge from the misty past and it’s just as incredible.

The brompton toolkit is intuitive and easy to use.

Tools inside the Brompton Toolkit

You know when something just works and makes sense without having to learn how to use it? That’s how I feel about the Brompton Toolkit. When it’s in the bike there’s a little metal circle sticking out for you to grab and pull it out (actually it’s a 15 mm box wrench for your axle nuts). When you pull it out you have a shiny black cylinder attached to the wrench. Slide the cylinder off and you reveal 4 driver bits neatly arranged in a line, a tire patch, and some tire levers. The clever thing is, they all stick together as a unit.

There’s nothing worse than disorganized and messy tools. The Brompton Tool kit has a specific spot for each tool, making it easy to stay organized and keep things in order.

Time to see what the Brompton Toolkit can do…

Here’s a quick list of all the basic maintenance you can do to your Brompton with the Brompton Toolkit, my new favorite Brompton accessory:

  • Patch a flat tire (even on 3 and 6 speed bikes)
  • Adjust the angle of your seat
  • Tighten your seat clamp (if your seatpost slips down while riding)
  • Install a Brompton light set
  • Install new brake pads
  • Change the brake cables
  • Change the shifter cables

With this one Tool Kit, you’ll be prepared for rides of any length, able to make all the basic adjustments that might be needed. After giving the Brompton toolkita try there’s no question in my mind: if you own a Brompton and you’d like to be able to work on and adjust your bike easily and efficiently the Brompton Toolkit is a must have.