Doug Iverson : The Sarcasm Is Warranted…


Clearly the ChainLink Forum folks are about as clueless with regards to their collective promise not to mention or respond to John Kass as any group I can imagine. But once again they are at it:


John Kass -

John Kass –

It’s true, fellow Chainlinker’s. Todays Kass column. Kass and the mayor exchanged gifts. Kass gave the mayor a movie poster of The Godfather III. With Michael Corleone’s picture replaced with “The Rahmfather” “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.” (Kass is Greek). The mayor gave Kass a pair of Chicago cycling socks and an extre large helmet which is still too small for his giant head. “I know how much the bike people hate you.” “The mayer wants me to ride a bike.” Rahm is going to “persuade” Kass to ride a bike downtown. I wish I knew when and where. I would pay to see this. We can get back at Kass. Attached is a website of Einstein on a bike which he frequently rode around campus. A bicycle was good enough for the father of relativity but not good enough for the father of unwarranted sarcasm. If anyone is good with photoshop, replace Einstein’s head with Kass’ head. I have modified Einstein’s famous equasion. K=JA2 (Kass equals JackAss squared). I would love to see a summertime Critical Mass ride with everyone wearing this T-shirt. Check for copyrights and if necessary find this image on another uncopyrighted website. Go to Google images and type einstein riding bike. Put my formula above the image and the phrase “It’s all relative” below it and plaster it all over the World Wide Web and be sure to send one to j(acka)s(s)

Here is the URL:

This sort of thread reminds me of the television commercial where the gal calls her boyfriend on the telephone to explain to him that she is giving him the “silent treatment“. Of course when he attempts to explain that the call is inconsistent with her intentions, she then remains silent rather than explain. It is quite cute and fitting behavior for teenagers, but for adults it’s a bit lame.

Why not instead try and get to know this guy? Take him out for a beer or two and stop the childish notion of “getting back at him“. Clearly the ChainLink Forum is not a training ground for folks who are interested in learning the fine art of compromise. It reminds me more of a terrorist training camp conducted by Tea Party types who are hell bent on crushing the competition. No wonder Congress is so dysfunctional. Given that they have to replenish their stock from the general population things are about as one might expect.

Sadly this same dumb ass confrontational style is what keeps the Israeli-Palestinian conflict simmering with deadly consequences. Let’s hope that some nut job cyclist does not escalate the notion of “getting back at him” following an online shopping tour of the best web sites for purchasing assault weapons.

Stay tuned. More wackiness, certain to follow.