Dearborn Bike Lanes 2012


Dearborn Bike Lanes

Dearborn Bike Lanes

When we reached the Loop area the first thing we did was take a look at the newly renovated Wacker Drive. Nicely appointed so that cars coming down the ramps are not entering the lanes blindly.

No place for bikes down there so it really remains a place for cars. Took the driver over to Navy Pier and caught a glimpse of some of the newer sculptures that have gone in just across from the entrance to the midway gate.

Then it was over to Dearborn to see the newly minted “gem”. Bummer!

This is not much infrastructure for $450,000 and I really have not idea why the bikes lane halves are so narrow. As others have pointed out they did nothing for the side of the street which currently collect water and debris. About the most significant thing was the new stop lighting for cyclists.

Afterwards we tried to find parking outside the Native Foods Cafe a block west but were out of luck there. They sorely need more on street parking just around the main post office.