Cycling from ’s-Hertogenbosch to Geldermalsen

Posted: 1 February 2009

Source: BicycleDutch

First 25 km (15.5m) part of the ‘s-Hertogenbosch – Utrecht journey by bicycle. Cycled on 31st January 2009 with temperatures just above freezing point. Showing the elaborate bicycle infrastructure in the Netherlands, both in built up areas as well as in the country side.

We see shared roads with cycle lanes, cycle streets and separate cycle paths in every variation. In this 25km ride every single metre of the way has cycle facilities. The journey goes from ‘s-Hertogenbosch (a.k.a. Den Bosch), to Hedel, Zaltbommel, Waardenburg, Meteren and finally to Geldermalsen. It crosses two major rivers (Meuse and Waal), two major East-West motorways (freeways) (A59 and A15) and and it is next to the major North-South motorway (A2) for some part.

The second part from Geldermalsen to Utrecht is to be continued on a later date.

Cycling from ‘s-Hertogenbosch to Geldermalsen