Roscoe Village Starbucks Toodle


Roscoe Village Starbucks Store

Another cold and raw and wet day. We decided to do shopping errands out here in the suburbs. First it was off to grab some breakfast and then to Ace Hardware for furnace filters. Then it was off to Cabela’s to find some thermal underwear for Connie that matches the kind we got for me.

The new stuff is thinner than the middleweight variety I normally wear. But unlike the silk weight this stuff has tiny dimples that help trap air against the skin. When we rode yesterday I had all three weights on with the middleweight on the outside and the silk against my skin. The dimpled weight was between these two layers and for the first time in a great long while my arthritic knees stayed warm enough at 40 degrees to function without there being bone-on-bone grinding.

Following the shopping at Cabela’s we made our way into Wicker Park and ate luncheon at Native Foods Cafe. Got to say hello (and Happy Holidays) to the gang on staff there. And even got lucky enough to find a parking spot across from the side door!

After eating it was off in search of coffee. We have been trying for a month of Sundays to find the Starbucks we visited to the north of the restaurant and finally we scored. It turns out that the one that has the best selection of nibbles is near Roscoe and Damen. Woohoo!

Then it was home via Belmont all the way out to Franklin Park and then home. A nice drive and a good day to stay dry and warm.