A Strange ChainLink Disconnect – Blather versus Funding


The ChainLink Forum is certainly not short on blather or discourteous discourse. The site is in the midst of a fundraising drive. But something does not “compute” about the level of individual involvement seen here.

Last night one of the members wrote:

Reply by Lisa Curcio yesterday
I exercised some of my incredible skill in arithmetic again. We have over 8100 members. There have been 107 donations. If those who have not given anything yet donated a buck–A BUCK–we would meet the goal right now.

My Calculations

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So given the sometimes rabid participation by those whom I often refer to as “Trained Seals” you would expect broader support than has been mustered. But frankly given the somewhat stilted viewpoints expressed on this forum, the numbers are to be expected.

Solid ChainLink support base:

8,100 members
107 donations totaling … $7,672

107 / 8,100 = 0.01320987654321 which translates into 1.32 %
On average each has contributed $71.70

Lisa is right however in urging folks to “put up or shut up”. But sometimes the kind of worldview that drives you to pirate the L.A.T.E. turns out to accurately reflect on the level of giving for a fundraiser even if it is the ChainLink. The activist crowd is more often living with its emotions on its sleeves and unlike their mirror image, the Tea Party they are “takers” and seldom “makers”.

Why should the Tea Party get more involvement at the financial level on a member basis? I really do not know. I do know however that the armada of contributors to the candidacy of Barack Obama managed to keep pace with the SuperPAC giving of people with “more money than brains”. Guessing here that the ChainLink’s more vocal types are “all hat and no cattle“.

Talk is cheap. Or as they say on the street, “money talks, bullish*t walks“. Now if the number of folks on this forum more closely reflected the viewpoints of suburbanites, the money distribution would have been wider, at least that is my guess. But either the people who own this forum are beholding to the rabble who contribute lots of lip but little moola or they simply need to (along with their software revamp) consider a way to be more inclusive.

Right now I keep expecting to see members of the Radical Left leap out of every page and rant and rave about Capitalism and the Decline of the West and other vapid stuff to go along with their insipid hatred of Cops. And what keeps sticking out like a sore thumb is their insistence that harsher laws need to be enacted to force motorists to stop colliding with cyclists.

But did anyone in this crew of loonies ever stop to realize that when someone arrives on the scene to hand out tickets, it is the cops. Yep, the very folks you claim to hate and mistrust are the ones you would need to press charges against motorists. Go figure.

I would urge you to find a more middle-of-the-road approach to your activism. There are only two kinds of people who end up spewing wild stuff in the name of being activists:

  • psychopaths who are in essence criminally insane
  • people working for the authorities who rather than merely report help “fan the flames”

If nothing else think about what happened with the fellows picked up for plotting dangerous activities during the G8 conference this past year.

In the meantime think about opening your wallet and contributing a few bucks. But at the same time write a letter to the “powers that be” to let them know that you are not a loony and would prefer not to have such a radical viewpoint expressed so violently on a site to which you contribute. You would be surprised at how much weight is given to the thoughts of those who actually contribute.

As for the venomous looney fringe elements, isn’t there some hardcore battle at the international level that needs your stridency? Why not consider moving to Copenhagen and agitating for, let’s see, moo shoo pork in every home? Or I know you can lobby to make certain that creamery butter is never again banned on heavy toast. Yea. That seems like a struggle worthy of your skills.

Happy Holidays!

(Editor: The values above will have changed by the time you read this.)