Blustery Winter Breakfast Ride


Grade School Playground

You would have to describe today’s weather as raw. The temperatures were in the mid-to-low 40s. But there really was no sun peeking through the clouds and what clouds there were seemed at times to portend a coming storm. But we never saw precipitation during the entire ride. Just a good deal of wind that sliced through you if you were heading north.

We rode through Seven Gables Park before heading up to Danada West Shopping Center through which we circled to reach the Caribou and its next door neighbor Jamba Juice. We sat inside the cozy Caribou shop after having stowed our bikes behind the brick garbage bin housing adjacent to the bike rack. We pointed the bikes with their fairings directly into the strong southerly wind that threatened to topple the bikes.

Inside we ate our meal and read the newspaper or in my case did the Crossword Puzzle. After eating it was back on the bikes and this time a ride through Danada Square before heading into the upscale housing division that butted up against the now closed Wheaton Park District Public Pool and Neighborhood Center.

We circled to the left upon leaving the sidewalk sneak that left the pool area and made our way around to the entrance to the next sneak that led into Glen Ellyn and eventually to a grade school. I stopped and grabbed a shot of the lonely dinosaur slide as he stood in that cold wind.

Then we headed back into Wheaton making good time despite the cold winds that blew over the fairings and into our faces. By the time we reached home I was thankful that I had on three pair of insulated underwear. This kept my arthritic knees from seizing up. What I had failed to do was grab my over mitts, so my hands were cold and icy. But no harm no foul! A great day to be out on the bikes.

Cyclometer Info

Distance: 9.6 miles
Time: 1h 15m 55s