The New 15 Ah E-bike Battery: Increase your range by 50%

by JACK on OCTOBER 23, 2012

Source: NYCEWheels

15Ah Lithium Ion e-bike Battery
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Last Friday our new 36 volt 15 AH ezee Lithium batteries became available— a significant upgrade for ezee electric bikes, Hebb Bikes, as well as the Electric Brompton. The old Ezee electric bikescame with 36 volt 10 ah lithium batteries with a range of between 20-30 miles, depending on how much you pedal etc. By replacing a 10 ah battery with 15 ah battery you’ll be able to increase this range by 50%— instead of 20-30 miles, you’ll be able to go 30-45 miles. This is absolutely huge.

How does the 15ah lithium battery work?

When you’re talking e-bike batteries, “Ah” means “Amp Hours.” This refers to the reservoir of energy you have at your disposal per charge. Another important factor to consider is the wattage of your motor. The number of watts used determines how much of the power source you can access at once— if you have higher wattage, your electric bike will be more powerful, but eat up the electricity more quickly and have less range. So, compared to the 10ah battery, a 15ah lithium ion battery will have 50% more power at its disposal — assuming the wattage remains the same this means your E-bike will be 50% more efficient, ie will go 50% farther ; if the wattage increases you’ll be able to draw more power from the larger reservoir of electricity and increase your over all hauling capacity albeit at some expense to your range.

Ezee electric bikes
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15Ah Batteries make a great Ezee bike upgrade

The new 15Ah Lithium ion Batteries are a great option for Ezee bike riders who are looking for more range/ power on their E-bikes. You can order the 15 ah batteries straight from our online shop, and they will come in the case that is compatible with your bike— just slip it onto your ezee sprint or ezee forza and you’re ready to go.

Upgrade to the 15Ah batteries on your E-brompton

The new 15ah batteries also make a great upgrade for the E-Brompton bike. If you already have an e-brompton just order the new 15ah batteries right on our shop. We’ll send it to you in a casing that will be compatible with your E-brompton so there won’t be any tricky installation necessary.

Convert your preexisting Brompton Bikeinto an electric bike with the 15Ah batteries, or you can purchase the 15Ah E-Brompton Bike upfront as a package.

Maximize the potential of your e-bike

Electric Brompton
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The quality of an electric bike is, for the most part, measured in its efficiency and power. You want an e-bike to be able to go as far as possible, have as much power as possible per charge. Upgrading to a15Ah battery gives you an opportunity to increase the potential of your bike by 50%. Buy the 15ah lithium e-bike battery today and ride your old e-bike like new, more powerful, more efficient than ever.