Guerilla Bicycle Lanes

Bogus bike lanes appearing on Dallas streets

Posted on October 10, 2012

Source: WFAA

DALLAS — As Dallas stamps miles of its streets with new bike lanes, some people — apparently frustrated that city workers aren’t moving faster — have been doing the work themselves.

Fake bike lanes have started appearing on Dallas streets, and they’re so convincing that drivers are being fooled and City Council members are confused.

Cyclist Scott Yockel pedals over the fake lanes daily on his commute to work at a local university.

“It was amusing,” he said. “I think it proves a point that people are not going to sit around and let the city drag its feet.”

Bicycle markings in white paint quietly began appearing on downtown streets in recent weeks. Bicycling magazine has twice labeled Dallas the worst in the country for cyclists.

Facing pressure from cycling groups, the city sprayed markers on nearly four miles of downtown streets.

The correct symbol shows a white bicycle and two arrows. At first glance, passersby could probably spot the forgery. The fake markings are often painted green or yellow. The spacing is sporadic, and the lanes suddenly end.

Yet even in their sloppiness, they’ve tickled cycling enthusiasts.

“You know anything about Oak Cliff, we’re a community of do-ers,” said Andrew Howard with Bike Friendly Oak Cliff.

His group has been pushing for more bike lanes. He supports the fakes, but has no idea who’s behind it… nor when exactly they appeared, although some recalled first noticing them as early as April.

“I think it was just to show the possibilities,” Howard said. “It’s just spray paint… it’ll come up.”

The city is only aware of fake bike lanes on two downtown bridges — the Houston Street and Jefferson Boulevard viaducts over the Trinity River. Both bridges are popular routes for cyclists moving between Oak Cliff and downtown.

The bridges have also been the scene of serious collisions between bicycles and cars.

“Most motorists treat cyclists less than they would treat a dog crossing the road,” Yockel said on a recent ride across the bridge to his Oak Cliff home. Cars often buzz past him as he pedals. Near-misses are common.

Yet the unofficial markings are confusing drivers and even City Council members, who mistakenly scolded city staff for the shoddy work.

“We have some bicycle lanes on there, but they’re not the entire length of the bridge,” Council member Sandy Greyson complained to a city staffer at a meeting Wednesday to discuss new laws governing the bikes lanes.

“I came this close to hitting a cyclist,” she explained. “As we put these bike markings down, we have to make sure they’re consistent, and they’re easy for the motorist to follow.”

Later, Keith Manoy, a senior transportation planner at City Hall, had to explain to Greyson the lanes she encountered were forgeries.

“The ones actually on Jefferson were not put up by the city,” he said during the meeting. “They were put up in the night.”

Manoy said the city is now working to have the illicit stripes removed, which prompted Council member Linda Koop to add her frustration with the fake lanes.

“I was on there, too… it is very confusing,” Koop said. “This is one of the reasons why we don’t have citizens putting them up… it is inappropriate.”


True false bicycle path on the Pont du Mont-Blanc!


Source: Geneva’s Blog

New update with the intervention of active-traffic

Bogus Swiss Bike Lane

Originally a note I posted on this platform on August 18. The title: “When cyclists take to the sidewalk a bicycle” . The title sums up my text and illustration as several photos of cyclists on Mont Blanc bridge zigzagging between pedestrians in the absence of a mark for their two wheels. The purpose of my article is to draw attention to some risky behaviors that put strain on the coexistence of cyclists and pedestrians.It is not only the Pont du Mont-Blanc is in question, other sidewalks suffer the same fate, and not always because of the absence of a bicycle around! Is that some lovers of two wheels drive on sidewalks acquired territory and sometimes we wonder if this is not pedestrian who is at fault in taking the path reserved for it.Far from me to add a layer, but the news today inviting me to return to this issue again in the agenda.
True false trail
On the bridge of Mont Blanc today the right side going towards the main station a bicycle “wild” was born! Yes malicious hands traced signage for pedestrians and bicycles. The effect is stunning, despite the awkwardness of the drawing. It is true that such an undertaking can not be done in daylight if you do not want to incur the risk of a fine, which explains the amateur side of the plot. During my time on the scene, I noticed that users of two-wheeled met this track ephemeral. I even asked two of them who told me they welcome this initiative citizen, surprised at the end to know that this is a real red herring! Signs posted on poles on the bridge ahead and explain what action signed by “The anonymous citizen.” “… A bicycle was symbolically painted on the sidewalk. Citizens to keep up the top priority, so please exercise the utmost vigilance; drive slowly and cautiously “.

The response of the Mayor of Geneva, Pierre Maudet and video Madame Marguerite Contat (Green), Co-Chair of the Constituent

I contacted the City of Geneva to see if it has received a “claim” about it. Pierre Maudet, Mayor of Geneva noted that “cyclist on the Pont du Mont-Blanc, the solution is more technical than repressive order (despite the fines that are imposed by APM regularly, especially in a specific campaign at last autumn, which had about her …). It is a project of cantilever bridge which Mr. Pagani, in charge of the issue of mobility, you will probably have more details. “Mr. Pagani in turn says he will rule later on this subject.
After my report and on the way back, I met by coincidence as what Geneva is a great village, Co-Chair of the Constituent Madame Marguerite Contat Hickel gave me his perspective on the true false Bike Trail Pont du Mont-Blanc (see video).

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“The funny nocturnal attacks of guerrillas on two wheels”
On the bridge Coulevrenière:

Thibault Schneeberger

2 questions to Thibault Schneeberger co-secretary of active-traffic

Before knowing who is behind the operation Pont du Mont-Blanc, I asked two questions this morning in traffic-activeand I just got the response from his co-secretary, Thibault Schneeberger. To the debate on the issue of coexistence between pedestrians and cyclists I think the answer Mr. Schneeberger has its place on this note.

  • -Is that your association is behind the action this morning on the deck of the Mont Blanc?

    Not-active traffic has nothing to do with this one wild paint … I stumbled upon this morning, passing over the bridge, I photographed it with my laptop and posted on the Facebook profile of active trafficking. That said, we denounce the problems of cohabitation pedestrians bike on the Pont du Mont-Blanc in a long time!
  • -What is the remedy for a harmonious coexistence between cyclists and pedestrians not necessarily starting from the example of the Pont du Mont-Blanc?
    Geneva sees every day more and more cyclists pedestrians on the roads, or the facilities on these modes have not always followed this reality. So we end up with problematic situations such as the Pont du Mont-Blanc. Cyclists are in danger on the road so they refer to the sidewalk where they obstruct pedestrians. This arrangement pirate citizen has the merit of putting his finger on a real problem.But the long-term solution is obviously not to bite on a sidewalk already narrow because there are often too many pedestrians and cyclists so that they can live peacefully here even with yellow lines on the ground. In general, the principal axes, the flow cyclists and pedestrians should be well separated because the rhythms are really not the same.Note that the Pont du Mont-Blanc, there are six lanes for cars and bikes for nothing and no clean TPG website, which is totally absurd (buses go there sometimes blocked for minutes)! For soft mobility, there are two solutions: either create the famous bridge separately (the Confederation seems willing to pay), or take one of the ways automobiles. For buses, there is no choice: it is imperative to devote at least one current path to self own site. This is one or two lanes on the bridge that cars must give way to the mobility of medium-term future. This is also very easy to achieve by reducing 2-way direction left sides of the river is little used (and keeping the other way 3-way auto + bus lane 1), and would therefore almost no impact on traffic.

These activists who draw false trails

November 18, 2012 by Olivier Razemon

Source: M Blogs

Bogus French Bike Lanes

They rendezvous at night, not too late anyway, with a pot of white paint, a paint roller and a rope to draw a straight line. They also prepared a cardboard stencil representing a bicycle. The action lasts about an hour. Wearing reflective vests, four or five militants of the Critical Mass , a group Toulon for the development of cycling, settled along a street and arrange a bike lane on the road. (Clarification: a “band” is marked on the bitumen track is separate, but the word “track” is commonly used to refer to both).

But this path has no legal value. Anyone, especially not the mayor of Toulon, has asked the group to undertake such a development. Yet success is immediate. The next morning, cyclists discover the new “track” and borrow without hesitation. Motorists slow down and avoid driving over the white paint. Few days later, the service road discovered the deception and cover band of black paint and cycling drawn on the floor.

False inaugurations. “In the days that follow, people we talk, we wonder why weerased the new track, “fun Cédric Lambert, a member of the Critical Mass, which has already participated in several symbolic actions. activists not only to draw false trails. They also asked the warning signs in the wild pedestrian streets of the old center of Toulon, to “mark the east-west through the city,” says Lambert. they finally proceed to false inaugurations of real trails … “The municipality sometimes creates tracks , but not to state or anywhere warn users. We then organize an opening ceremony in which we invite politicians and business managers with a real band and real scissors placed on a real cushion, “said Gilles Lehmann, also a member of the critical mass. The result is hilarious. The official representative of the department of Var, the urban community Toulon Provence Méditerranée or Navy, believing in a real ceremony, come on time with an affable, while some officials directly responsible for the development concerned, wondering why they were not invited. “We do not know everyone in the town hall,” apologized the militants.

Pro-cycling activists are not necessarily revolutionary. When I compare the actions of the spectacular happenings the critical mass of Act Up , activists look at me with an air prohibited. They do not seek to put forward, but wish to advance their cause. And it works.“We recently limited the number of shares, as the mayor listened to us,”says Lambert. The city, led by Hubert Falco (UMP), former Minister of Planning, appointed six months ago, an official in charge of “soft travel” who consults cycling associations for road improvements, installation of two-way paths ( allowing cyclists to trace the unique meaning, see here ) or “right-turn” ( ability to switch the red light, that is ).

The mayor complies. Commando operations, which took place mainly between 2009 and 2011, have not been in vain. The actions of several Critical Mass should even be considered as suggestions, since the municipality has taken to his account.The warning signs placed in the city center were replaced by signs regulations.False bicycle lane shown on the photo opening of this article exists today formally.Practice progresses. “The sailors who come to the arsenal there will sometimes bike,” says Lambert.

“Rusty Nail” in 2009. Toulon is not for a few months now as one of the“cycling cities” being cited as an example in these conferences where territorial councilors and officials are optimistic of “power-points “to an audience jaded. City, ninth unit of urban France, wedged between the bay and the Mont Faron, is known for its intricate jams. Saturation reaches its peak on the east-west axis, waiting for decades the opening of a motorway tunnel supposed to “relieve” the city. However, “it is wrong to think that the tunnel will solve everything,” said Valentin Gies, President of Toulon Future, a group that fights for the construction of a tramway and a member of the local PS. Toulon is“the only major city in France which has neither system bicycles or tram, “protestedthe activist. In such circumstances, given the mild climate, parking problems and the relative lack of prominence in the city center, the bike can be an enjoyable and moving effective. municipality, reluctant enough to have received ” the rusty nail , awarded by the Federation of bicycle users in 2009, “recalls Vincente Chastel, a member of the Critical Mass, was apparently persuaded by some actions commando night.