Salt Creek South – Veteran’s Day 2012


Inbound Leg of Salt Creek Trail Ride
Veteran’s Day 2012

Salt Creek is a hilly and very scenic trail that runs from York Road east to Brookfield Zoo and beyond. We did fifteen miles before heading into the city to enjoy luncheon at Native Foods Cafe in Wicker Park.

My youngest sister Constance was born on this day 55 years ago. I can hardly believe that we have all aged so much, but it beats the alternative.

Along the way we saw at least three or four deer (see one in the background of the movie clip below). The wind was howling for much of the ride and the clouds grew grayer with each passing mile.

We got back to the car in time to see the first raindrops hit. The drive into the city was uneventful but due to the limited parking we ended up eating in the car.

Cyclometer Info

Distance: 15.0 miles
Time: 1h 40m 55s