2013 Easy Racers Gold Rush First Pics

Posted on October 3, 2012 by Bryan Ball

Source: BentRiderOnline

Easy Racers Gold Rush Replica 2013 Model
© Fast Freddy Markham.…÷…

Freddy Markham from Easy Racers just sent us these pics of the 2013 Gold Rush prototype. Here’s what he had to say about it…

It is still in the development stage and mostly complete, but there are still a couple things we are working on.

This will  be available as a 2013 model. It will share the same drop outs with the new carbon bikes. The seat clamp and new frame configuration makes it possible for Easy Racers to eliminate the 5 frame sizes down to just three sizes, a fact that should put a smile on our dealers faces.

The new frame is about a 1/2 lb lighter than the standard GRR and in my opinion the stiffer frame seems to ride smoother.

Most notable in the new frame design is the 2″ bottom tube and the individual seat and chain stays.

This new model will be equipped with an all new component package.

For anybody in the area who is interested in a test ride for any of our bikes, give us a call.