Should We Trade Infrastructure for Debt?

By Kate Hinds | 09/27/2012

Source: Transportation Nation

Four Self-Propelled Mobile Transporters (SPMTs) relocated the fully assembled 4.3 million pound, 394-foot-long, 67- foot-high truss bridge from its assembly site to its final position on the new bridge piers a few hundred feet away. (CDOT)

On Thursday’s 30 Issues in 30 Days, the WNYC election series took a look at infrastructure.

Host Brian Lehrer notes that word did not come up in the convention speeches of either President Obama or Republican candidate Mitt Romney. Neither, for that matter, did transportation.

How times have changed. President Obama once talked so often about building roads and bridges we turned those mentions into an interactive chart.

Meanwhile, said one of the Brian Lehrer Show guests, it’s not just that we have an infrastructure problem. “It’s that we can’t even deal with it how bad the problem is. “We are beyond denial of the crisis,” said Infrastructure USA‘s Steven Anderson.

Listen to the conversation below.

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