Video: Cyclists ‘Behaving Badly’ On The Wiggle!

Stanley Roberts
July 17-19, 2012

Source: SFist

Screengrab via: Stanley Roberts on YouTube

KRON 4’s Stanley Roberts, owner of the best newsman voice in the entire state of California as well as a Bay to Breakers pee voyeur, is back with a new installment of his delightful People Behaving Badly local news segment. This time around, Roberts uses his golden voice to shed some light on that insidious crime spree currently happening in the Lower Haight: cyclists running stop signs along the Wiggle.

In the 30 minutes, it took Mr. Roberts to get enough footage to produce his local Emmy-worthy piece, 13 cyclists received tickets from the SFPD for blowing through stop signs. While the cyclists’ excuses range from “I thought they were yields for bikers” to “eh, whatever,” at least one ticked-off pedestrian was on hand to provide the kind of rambling counterargument that these segments thrive on. Tying the whole thing together is a bonus cameo by local celebrity parrot Patricia Dolores at the two minute mark.


This sort of thing only happens because (let me check my talking points list…Oh yeah…)

  • bicyclists don’t get the respect of motorists
  • there are not enough bicycle lanes
  • we need better bicycle infrastructure
  • cops hate us and should be out ticketing motorists
  • dog walkers are snitching on us big time and that isn’t fair
  • I was on my way to the Cycling Advocacy dinner… I’m getting a lifetime achievement award
  • most of us were in a hurry to get to the Annual Ride of Silence
  • blah, blah, blah